ISIS ( Islamic State of Iraq and Syria )DOCUMENTARY 2016 ~ ISIS Documentary New~The Rise of ISIS



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  1. spicecrop says:

    None of this shit would have happened if the US government didn't lie about WMDs and invade Iraq.

  2. Going in was a massive mistake and that's on Bush. Leaving them to their own devices, after so much American blood and treasure had been spent to bring some kind of stability by 2008 was a big mistake, and that's on Obama (and the useless Hillary Clinton).

  3. please send isis to sidari corfu greece there is many bad people there comiting sodomy

  4. islamic states of america

  5. كل ما يحث فى العالم الان هو للتهيئه للملحمة الكبرى التى وعدنا بها الله ورسوله محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم
    والتى سيهزم بها الصليبيين ثم تفتح روما عاصمة الفاتيكان

  6. ISIS not even touch USA I wonder why, I do know why fuck usa

  7. I hope people not believing all this

  8. fats cats sit at a desk, can tell he thought of himself to lol

  9. You not done fuck for years you been, funding, training and arming them and letting them do what the want

  10. It's unfair to say that the US is behind this war. Maybe, they made wrong decisions, but the chaos finally is because of difference between very fundamental groups in the middle east.

  11. Amazing subtitles
    Abu Gharib = Apple Grave xD

  12. Why are they saying that Sadam is Baathist and what does this imply really?

  13. Paul nmn says:

    Its not just how they treat each other, Sharia DEMANDS Muslims to break the law, kill, rape, lie, cheat, steal, subjugate non Muslims. This is what they mean when the clerics DEMAND Sharia law!    It's double speak!  yes, the western leaders who allowed this to happen will have to be remove also.

  14. Charles 1967 says:

    wow is the only thing you can say،so that's why trump said Obama created ISIS

  15. Kevin Durant says:

    Why the fuck did bush have to invade iraq back in 03

  16. Haleem AH says:

    this man maliki must be one of the most incompetent and stupid politicians in the history of politics…

  17. Fahad Ahmed says:

    inshallah waiting for caliphate to rise again ….and inshallah we will bring back sharia in our arab lands …..and we will establish peace for muslims in arab land , where poor will be given same honour and respect as rich and will give them food nd shelter . justice will rule thisland no matter who the culprit is ….

  18. Theo Alfredo says:

    ISIS = Israeli security Intelligence Service

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