ISIS The Start of World War III? David Icke


This video Luke Rudkowski speaks with David Icke on his forecasts with ISIS and the possible start of World War III . David breaks many historians esoteric …


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  1. Pk Silver says:

    divide and conquer is used to exploit the weaknesses and differences of people. wake the fuck up folks!

  2. I call bullshit because this guy sold his books and made lots of money spreading half-truths. An entrepreneurial genius, is what one would label this endeavor, comparative to banks and filthy rich/wealthy people's ill-gotten gains through exploitation and propaganda. What happened to his hands? Better get a handle on that arthritis, looks like it's gotten out of hand.

  3. Todd Lavigne says:

    Really, world war 3 ? What a joke this guy is. Wasted intelligence is what this guy is. Just a babbling fool who thinks he's got it all figured out. WW3 is never going to happen. Too many nukes pointed at everyone by everyone. No one will dare. Who the fuck does this guy think he is?

  4. Clam Digger says:

    Sack the cameraman, annoying cunt.

  5. girne grafik says:

    he looks like putin's son

  6. Hwithyll says:

    WW3 started on 9/11

  7. Wow !!! Are we all going to die…..again ? I thought we were suppose to die September 23rd ?? Shemittah, the blood moons, global warming ?? Where is it ? Still cold in Canada. Shorter summers , loooooonng winters , cold. We need global warming and after 20 years of being told of global warming, we have nothing !? How come those that predicted America will collapse, still live there ? Why don't they move out of America ? Come to canada you will feel like the end has come for sure !

  8. sdara357 says:

    Great video, there is no argument against David, Russia is now bombing Isis, crazy world.

  9. Bob K says:

    Russia just started airstrikes,Iran also there on ground ,news of Chinese intervention coming, turkey & Russian fighter planes missile locking each other in sky,what is going to happen next? I was sincerely not expecting that Russia & china would involved in this mess..look what is happening now?this video is published in June 2015..

  10. Debbie Young says:

    I'm just watching this vid now ages later while Russia is bombing Syria and it's interesting what he says about Russia and ISIS… I don't get the reptile thing but I think he's got extraordinary intuition.

  11. Lady Madonna says:

    There will be no world war III

  12. chingy737 says:

    wow. incredibly prophetic interview!
    WW3 inbound
    dis-info shills on suicide watch

  13. Si Carter says:

    Look who's right,, yet again!


  15. 8 oct 2015, Russia bombing Syria independently of the US and British troops closer to being NATO troops since the fall of the wall, and this interview was made over a year ago….scary!!!

  16. misternylon says:

    I would watch this but he wont stop gulping

  17. Icke makes money through his doom gloom piss you the fucking herd buy into this crap.

  18. 3 year,s 4 month,s   before w war 3……the male energy that goven,s  and control,s  the world,  needs to dissapate…..this energy has to change first,   otherwise nothing will change.  this has to happen first,…    In god we trust…….

  19. Day says:

    Yep, everything he says is coming true.. Russia was indeed really easy pulled in to this conflict and they are supporting Syria.

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