ISIS The Start of World War III?




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  1. They have been hyped up to be the new boogie man; the next and bigger 9/11 will be blamed on them to start the next war; it is almost assured now. Albert Pikes third world war will pit political Zionism against the Muslim world to mutually destroy each other and drag the rest of the world down with them, to finally accept one world government, the new world order.

  2. Domo says:

    "War is a racket", by General Smedley Butler.
    ALL WARS ARE BANKERS WARS. And we are their pawns in their hideous chess game of deadly weapons. 

  3. Isis is just another boogie man made up by the United States. Yes they are a real group of thugs. But it's not like the media and the big war machine makes you believe. The USA needs there war and this is it. 

  4. TheCoingeek says:

    Thanks David for the brilliant presentation. I'm looking forward to your next news letter and video. Things are okay in Chicagoland. My wife and I have a lot of work so we are surviving but we had much more cash to spend 10 years ago compared to today. I'm glad hockey season is only 1 month away.  

  5. Affinity says:

    ISIS will be used as a precursor to take Iran after Syria. You'd think Israel would be enemy number one but strangely they are not. 

  6. Isis could spark world war 3? Lol sure pale 

  7. Sue David says:

    Bring it isis camel fuckers bring it isis will b stoped n u all fuckin Muslims will never forget that day 

  8. Steve M says:

    Interesting  Thanks

  9. Chances are brighter with rise of ISIS.

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