ISIS – The world war 3 lead by imaam al mahdi soon In Shaa Allah


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  1. beefchuck says:

    a lot of hating on America and conspiracy stuff. Makes for a good novel, but is just fiction.So much envy and jealousy of our spoiled American asses. Stop the hate and get your game up haters. 9/11 conspiracy too…Cmon man! SMH.

  2. MrAgeSP says:

    It's funny how this kind of stuff is all so clear to you guys AFTER it all happened… For crying out loud even a Harry Potter book would confirm your conspiracy theories.

  3. LION heart says:

    David is quoting from a book writing by PIKE.
    This not staged,the freemsaons study religion who knew that in ISLAM a khalifah would come to set the stage for the MALHAMA.
    So what the west is trying to do is prevent it from being established David.your no smarty. sorry

  4. A nonsense discourse

  5. Well-spoken mate 

  6. Batil Tor says:

    Isis is an Israeli creation to burn bridges between Islam and all other religions. Isis is created by Israel to blacken the name of Islam and the true  "black banners from Khurasaan ( Afghanistan) ,who will dissolve the state of Israel and install peace and stability to the Middle east. Isis are NOT sunnis.

  7. ISIS will be excuse to attack Iran for oil, this will lead to world war 3

  8. beansolace says:

    This is actually crAzy ! 

  9. dere der says:

    Intressant ? Die westerlingen ( koffar) liegen alles bij elkaar
    De verleden en de heden bewijzen dat keer op keer

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