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  1. TheShadowFX says:

    Has it ever occurred to you that perhaps YOU are the one who "obviously don't care about the truth" Listen to yourself, "I was going to watch" Yeah, you were going to watch, that is until you realized that my ideals and yours are north and south, at that point you closed your sparse little mind and dismissed everything. That is, BEFORE you even watched the video. This is so typical of Muslims! You are a hypocrite! Here's all I have to say about that, hope you and Satan are happy together.

  2. TheShadowFX says:

    OBSERVATION: Muslim women in Calcutta wear dresses and jeans, while Muslim women in the US wear burka's and traditional clothes (bed sheets and towels) Why's that? Why is it that when German immigrants came to America they converted and began to dress and look like Americans? Same thing with the Italians and all the others. Yet Muslims are bent on NOT looking like Americans. In fact if you look around you'll see that they have completely changed the look of our country. For that, I despise them!

  3. TheShadowFX says:

    I am a Native American (Shawnee), when my Grandpa was a boy the Federal government sent him off to a "retraining camp" where they taught him to look, talk and act like an American. The end result of that was that he one day forgot his native language and traditions. America is the "Great Melting Pot" but Muslims have found a way to usurp that and make a joke of all we have achieved and accomplished as a country. It's time you Muslims were told, this is America not India!

  4. TheShadowFX says:

    How do you respond to this devil-boy? Even Muhammad himself claimed that he was a psychopathic killer of infidels (white people)! He bragged about it, and demanded it of his followers. He bragged about cutting off the heads of innocent victims by the thousands. Interesting how Muslims NEVER address serious questions, they always get caught up on bullshit and ignore the issues. I'd simply LOVE to hear you or any other Muslim respond to my question. You won't, because you are an idiot!

  5. matthoman666 says:


  6. TheShadowFX says:

    Please allow me to explain, I'm afraid that I actually have no will to have you take me seriously! After all, Yahuwshua and all the Saints have been trying to convince you not to change the Bible, and not to bow and worship before the alters of false gods and wicked men for 2000+ years, given this what chance do I have of convincing you? You have me confused with someone who actually gives a shit! I would however like to have you be the first Muslim to take a stab at my questions. Please?

  7. TheShadowFX says:

    I would like for you to take what I am about to say seriously! The rest of the world may be entirely willing to let you and other Muslims change the look and feel of sovereign country's wherein they migrate… but someone has GOT to tell you that Americans WILL NOT tolerate it! What you see as "cultural hegemony" is what we call American Pride! For the last 200 years Americans have been building the world's largest infrastructure while the Muslim world has spent that time killing and destroying

  8. Chaker Z says:

    You should ask yourself a question: if you claim that islam is a religion of violence and murder, why is it the most growing religion in the world? Why thousands of people in Europe, Africa and North America are converting to islam everyday?

  9. TheShadowFX says:

    Apparently you didn't watch the video, otherwise you would not be asking as the answer is there! Allow me… because of Islam's pressure tactics, outright lies and fear-mongering! Ignorance of Muhammad's past and his true teachings is perhaps the main reason. Put simply, Islam is a great big fat LIE! And Islam has lied to the masses for 1000's of years. You should ask yourself this question: was Muhammad a child molester who married a 6 year old baby? Answer, YES he was!

  10. TheShadowFX says:

    Why do Muslims always start pissing before they unzip their fly? Why do they insist upon putting that mouth in gear before starting that brain? This entire video describes in detail exactly why the world appears to be converting to Islam, yet not one Muslim has the BALLS to actually sit through the damned thing and watch it. Instead they blurt out these inane comments like this one, I suppose I should just give up!

  11. Chaker Z says:

    I washed the whole documentary and I am saddened to see some ignorant people believe in lies!!! but thank God there are lots of wise people who know the truth!

  12. TheShadowFX says:

    By 'ignorant" you actually mean "unlike-minded" of course. I have noticed that Islam has a curious side effect, it tends to render it's user's imaginatively impotent. As with all religions, your standard MO for dealing with infidels is to dismiss and label as, what was it you said… "ignorant?!" I suggest however that it is YOU who is ignorant! You and all the followers of secular world religion! What I wouldn't give to see the look on your faces on the last day. But that's another story!

  13. TheShadowFX says:

    S Zee@ Would you suggest that Muhammad was a child-molester is false? If so, please assist the rest of us in directing our research into the area you apparently strayed into, that we may see on our own. Because sadly, according to you, our research is flawed and the child "Aisha" is a lie somehow? "Ye shall know them by their works" Sayeth Scripture! And their words! You have upheld a lie! Your leader was no prophet! He was a sick old sex freak deserving of having his prick cut off! Like you!

  14. TheShadowFX says:

    S Zee@ Tell us more of the child Aisha, I understand her age was somewhere between 3 and 6? Ripe old age for sex what Muslim? I understand that it's not so much a case that all Muslim men can just screw babies, but more along the lines of only Muhammad could screw babies. In fact, he could screw just about anything he wanted because they changed Muslim law to suit his fancies. We're all waiting to hear you call us liars and "ignorant" again you serious little unstable person you!

  15. TheShadowFX says:

    Picture this historical setting: A 49 year old man asks his best friend if he could have his permission to marry his 6 year old daughter. His friend agrees. The man then visits his best friend’s house and speaks with the 6 year old daughter. Her parents watch as the he proposes marriage to the child. He is serious; he wants to marry the little girl and is asking for her consent. The little child says nothing; she only stares at him in silence. This is historically what Muhammad did!

  16. Juri2711 says:

    because people who live in bad conditions are easy to manipulate and because many people are sadistic assholes who like brutal religions as a justification to do bad things.

  17. for those of you who wonder why islam is gaining so much ground; poor people who only have the afterlife to look forward to cannot be blamed. However, like bacteria, islam is spreading fast and must be stopped. There is no hell greater, or terror larger, than waking up to a world run by muslims.

  18. TheShadowFX : reading your comments you obviously know nothing of religion. "There is far more violence in the Bible than in the Qur'an; the idea that Islam imposed itself by the sword is a Western fiction, fabricated during the time of the crusades when, in fact, it was Western Christians who were fighting brutal holy wars against Islam. So announces former nun and self-professed "freelance monotheist," Karen Armstrong. This quote sums up the single most influential argument currently serving to deflect the accusation that Islam is inherently violent and intolerant: All monotheistic religions, proponents of such an argument say, and not just Islam, have their fair share of violent and intolerant scriptures, as well as bloody histories. Thus, whenever Islam's sacred scriptures—the Qur'an first, followed by the reports on the words and deeds of Muhammad (the Hadith)—are highlighted as demonstrative of the religion's innate bellicosity, the immediate rejoinder is that other scriptures, specifically those of Judeo-Christianity, are as riddled with violent passages.
    More often than not, this argument puts an end to any discussion regarding whether violence and intolerance are unique to Islam. Instead, the default answer becomes that it is not Islam per se but rather Muslim grievance and frustration—ever exacerbated by economic, political, and social factors—that lead to violence. That this view comports perfectly with the secular West's "materialistic" epistemology makes it all the more unquestioned.
    Therefore, before condemning the Qur'an and the historical words and deeds of Islam's prophet Muhammad for inciting violence and intolerance, Jews are counselled to consider the historical atrocities committed by their Hebrew forefathers as recorded in their own scriptures; Christians are advised to consider the brutal cycle of violence their forbears have committed in the name of their faith against both non-Christians and fellow Christians. In other words, Jews and Christians are reminded that those who live in glass houses should not be hurling stones.

  19. Soon the middle east will have to know too don't worry . We had enough of religion crap , if you want your bible to rule your life do what you want, but don't come fuck up people's life with propaganda Shit . 

  20. Pastor Fuzz says:

    In the 21st C. islam= a cancer who's followers are lame in the brain.

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