Islamic Antichrist – Will The Antichrist Be A Muslim (Documentary)


In this edition of End Of The World videos and documentaries, we are going to take you through a journey where you can learn all about the islamic Antichrist …


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  1. This video is the so wrong in fact is dangerous to watch.if only you study Islam and Jesus you would realise Muslims honour Jesus more than Christians.jesus is not God,Jesus never died for our sin how can God die??? Jesus was a prophet like all other prophets and yes Jesus will come back but he will not WORSHIP the Mahdi that's rubbish we don't worship man like Christians do Jesus will come to clear the world of lies and blasphemy.jesus will fight the antichrist the same antichrist Muslim are fighting and the antichrist(dajjal) will be a Zionist.this video is a bunch of rubbish

  2. is thios guy making shit up now cause these words are not in the bible

  3. The Pope is the Antichrist !

    The man of sin.

  4. hhhhhhhhhhh my thing is if one relegion was enough they won't be 3 major religions and three different books, one of'em gotta be the one. so worship what u want and let me worship what i want. i don't mind if people worshiped poop. all it matters to me is what i choosed to worship.

  5. Sassa757 says:

    Pop Obama may be are antichrist. There is only one God, Jesus Christ, son of God.
    Antichrist working in peoples brains, in the world etc, All people must see evil
    Islam=ded=anarki=ect, falce and antichrist wants people kill, destroy people and the world
    How can people think islam is good? koranen, sharia är godd? devil are good?
    But hallå!
    Jesus are to to take care of people and the world, but they who chooice antichrist, devil gå to hell

  6. Sassa757 says:

    Islam belongs ti antichrist!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Sassa757 says:

    Sure antichrist will be muslim

  8. nope. The "anti Christ" will be Kaana Dajaal. Kaana means one eye btw idk what Dajaal means tho. But that his full name.

  9. WTF is this video?

  10. Your the antichrist , I can see the number already on ur head and your bank account ! Now go learn Arabic because ur still illiterate u dumb cockroache!

  11. 赵博 says:

    this guy is going in circles.i honestly tried to listen to him but he isn't making sense ?

  12. This man full of lies.
    Prophet Jesus is a muslim.

  13. wauw, is this guy for real because damn what a lies. Pathelogical liar

  14. moto guess says:


  15. moto guess says:

    this guy has got Satan pulling his little pecker

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