Israel And Washington Are Sounding The Horns For Another War


Saman Mohammadi
The Excavator

Nobody was surprised when the Obama administration announced that it will increase America’s military footprint in the Gulf in preparation for a future war against Iran.

Leaving Iraq was a political stunt by President Obama to give a bone to his loyal voters ahead of the 2012 election. The people who bought this lie ought to be ashamed of themselves for not knowing even the slightest bit of history.

Those with a grasp of grade school history know that invaders never leave a conquered country peacefully, they are always pushed out violently by the people they are oppressing.

While U.S. troops are being moved around like doomed pawns on a chessboard, Israel is planning to attack Iran any day now. All it is waiting for is a gift from heaven, and if God doesn’t budge, then Israel’s maniacs will look to the gods in Washington to pull off the usual magic.

General Pet over at the CIA, who has acted as a lapdog for Israel all these years, may come in handy in the next few months.

Former CIA analyst Ray McGovern has warned on numerous occasions that the new CIA head is more subservient towards Israel and the crazy Neocons than former CIA head Leon E. Panetta.

Two weeks ago, McGovern wrote in an article entitled, “Petraeus’s CIA Fuels Iran Murder Plot”:

The public record also shows that former Gen. Petraeus has long been eager to please the neoconservatives in Washington and their friends in Israel by creating “intelligence” to portray Iran and other target countries in the worst light.

One strange but instructive example comes to mind, a studied, if disingenuous, effort to blame all the troubles in southern Iraq on the “malignant” influence of Iran.

On April 25, 2008, Joint Chiefs Chairman, Adm. Mike Mullen, told reporters that Gen. Petraeus in Baghdad would give a briefing “in the next couple of weeks” providing detailed evidence of “just how far Iran is reaching into Iraq to foment instability.” Petraeus’s staff alerted U.S. media to a major news event in which captured Iranian arms in Karbala would be displayed and then destroyed.

Oops. Small problem. When American munitions experts went to Karbala to inspect the alleged cache of Iranian weapons, they found nothing that could be credibly linked to Iran.

It is a given by now that General Pet will grease the wheels of the media machine yet again and pump out Neocon propaganda that Iran is making nuclear weapons with the intent to strike Israel.

But the propaganda won’t end there.

On the international front, Israel is using its media muscle in an attempt to totally discredit Iran with new lies and fabricated plots.

Richard Silverstein says that a new IAEA report that is due out sometime in November could provide Israel with a new propaganda edge, writing:

There is much chatter about an expected IAEA report next month which, for obvious reasons, war hawks anticipate will provide proof that Iran is intensifying its efforts to turn its nuclear program to military, rather than civilian uses. It’s completely unclear to me how these pro-war, largely Likud and neocon oriented sources know what the report will contain unless it’s been leaked to them (which none of them have indicated is the case).

On the domestic front, there is a White House policy of both isolating Iran and gassing it up. The effect of this propaganda policy is twofold.

Iran is turned into a bloated evil balloon that is threatening other mild-mannered balloons in the crowded global sky, which leaves only one solution: war.

Israel’s maniacs and Western politicians have loudly declared for years that the Iranian balloon needs to be popped in order to clear the air in the global room and protect the world from Islam.

All this is possible because of the false global narratives that Israel, Washington and London have created about Iran, Islam, and International Terrorism.

There are two main narratives about Iran. One, Iran is guilty of international terrorism and state-sponsored assassinations, and, second, Iran is a big bad wolf that wants to blow down the democracies that America is building in the Middle East.

In order to reinforce these two narratives, Israel and Washington have created two new talking points in the last month. The first talking point is that Iran contacted a Mexican drug cartel to carry out a hit against the Saudi Arabia ambassador to America in Washington.

This lie aimed to isolate Iran. However, it went nowhere. But that failure doesn’t matter. Washington’s philosophy is that the more mud is thrown at Iran, the better, even if some of the slick mud doesn’t stick.

Propaganda mud is thrown against Iran because it satisfies the Israeli maniacs as well as their dogs of war in America, and puts Iran on the defensive. So it is a double win in the double game that Washington is playing.

The second talking point is that Iran won America’s war against Iraq. America’s move to temporarily get out of Iraq has been criticized for this reason. But it is a ridiculous lie that Iran won anything from the tragedy in Iraq other than popular support which was pretty much handed to them on a silver platter.

I view Iran’s strong foothold in Iraq as a curse rather than a victory. Iraqi popular support for Iran will not last forever. It is a necessary friendship. If America leaves Iraq for good a nationalistic Iraq will step out of Iran’s Islamic shadow and reassert itself in the region.

The main purpose of this “Iran won Iraq” lie is to build up the threat of Iran in the international imagination. It also implies that America must attack and destroy Iran in order to save its legacy of nation building in the Middle East.

Preparing the road to war always begins with such ludicrous lies that invade the subconscious collective mind and mysteriously turn into historical fact.

You may say America is losing credibility and trust. Or that America’s image has eroded because of the numerous lies it tells to the world.

But the magic of America is that it can tell no lies. America is always the good guy. It defeated Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, two big enemies against democracy and freedom. And, in the minds of many, America is defending democracy and freedom today.

America is still the God of this Earth. It can do whatever it wants.

What is the Law to the God of Nations?

Just bow down to America’s financial occupiers and accept Satan as your master.

Satan is what we’re looking at when President Obama speaks. And before Obama, other presidents voiced Satan’s will on the world stage.

I have no doubt in my mind that we are living in the age of the Apocalypse, in the last days of a dead age. And only God can save the day.

I’m not a Muslim or a Jew or a Christian. A couple of years ago, God was hardly on my mind. But I don’t see anyway else out of this hole.

We either take Satan’s hand, who promises us the light, and accept the authoritarian new world order, or we place faith in God and come together to rebuild what has been destroyed by evil demons in power.

Ultimately, world peace will be achieved. No regime will gain from the invasion and occupation of Iraq. And no regime will gain from an all out war in the Middle East.

The American Emergency State will crash and burn. The American people will take back their government.

Israel’s Zionist regime will destroy itself and Israel will transform into a nation that the Jewish people can be proud of.

Iran’s Islamic Republic is medieval and can only survive if there is a persistent outside enemy. So once Zionism and the American empire are gone, the Iranian people can begin recreating their nation.

A renewal is what all our nations need.

All the unpopular regimes that are ruling us are doomed to collapse.

And that would be the best outcome for us all.

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