Israel cuts water supply to Palestinians near al-Quds


The Israeli regime has reportedly cut off the water supply to some 45,000 Palestinians residing in the areas around East al-Quds (Jerusalem), local sources say.

Residents of Shuafat refugee camp said on Wednesday that their water had been cut off for nearly three days, while a number of other Palestinian suburbs near al-Quds had also been without water for 20 days.

Israel cuts water supply to Palestinians near al-Quds

According to the residents, the Israeli water authority started to gradually reduce the water supplies about two weeks ago until it completely stopped. However, the Israeli water company, Gihon, has denied the water shut-off to the Arab areas.

Khaled al-Khalidi, a member of the Shuafat’s popular committee, said the Tel Aviv regime had gone back on a UN-brokered agreement to provide water service to the Palestinian refugees.

The agreement was signed between the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) in 1956 and the Israeli regime joined it in 1967.

The Palestinian local official added that in a similar move, the Tel Aviv regime tried to cut off the water supply to the camp residents in 1988.

Al-Khalidi further called on the UNRWA to “fulfill its obligations towards the refugees” and “oblige” the Israeli officials to resume the water supply.

In April 2013, Palestinian media reported that Israeli authorities had totally halted the water flow to 10 villages located northwest of al-Quds.

The Palestinian NGO, Land Research Centre, also said in a recent report last April that Israeli settlers from the settlements of Yiztar and Baracha had been using water springs in the Palestinian residents of the Burin village in the northern West Bank city of Nablus in order to raise fish.

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