Israel: Hamas has Qaddafi’s missiles


Israeli daily Ha’aretz reported on October 27, 2011 that large numbers of high quality Russian-made anti-missiles looted from Libyan army storage facilities by the pro-US rebels fighting along with National Transitional Council (NTC) have been sold to Palestinian Islamic Resistance Hamas.

“The improved quality of anti-aircraft missiles held by Hamas in Gaza is increasingly worrying the Israeli defense establishment. Hamas recently managed to smuggle relatively advanced Russian missiles, which were looted from Libyan military warehouses, into the Gaza Strip. Israel is worried about the presence of the missiles, both because they curb the air force’s almost unlimited freedom of movement over Gaza today, and because of their possible use against civil aviation in Eilat,” wrote Amos Harel.

Israel-Firster Hillary Clinton during her visit to Libya last week – had offered $30 million to NTC in an attempt to stop Qaddafi’s arms falling into hands of Hamas, Hizbullah or Somali Al-Shabaab an Islamic Resistance group in Southern Somalian Juba region, which is fighting US-installed government in Mogadishu.

The Zionist media mafia is now telling its American sheep that the smuggled Libyan missiles (if the rant is really based on some proofs), are more dangerous to Israelis than Israel’s 240-400 Jewish bombs to Gaza and the rest of the Muslim East.

Interestingly, the poor Jewish target receives $3 billion military aid per year from US taxpayers (60% of Iran’s total military budget) while Hamas is under US-Israel-EU embargo.

After receiving it soldier Gilad Shalit from Hamas – Israel has restarted its normal air-strikes against Gaza population. Yesterday, an Israeli air raid killed six Palestinians and injured 11 others in Rafah.

On Thursday, an Israeli aircraft carried out three bombing attacks on the city of Khan Yunes in Gaza. No causalities were reported in the attack. On October 1, three Palestinians were injured in an Israeli drone attack on the town of Beit Hanoun in northern Gaza.

I wonder what happened to 10,000 drums of Qaddafi’s famous Yellowcake hoax founded by Libyan rebels as reported by British daily The Telegraph on September 25, 2011? May be Iranian FM Ali-Akbar Salehi purchase some of those ‘Yellocake’ drums during his coming visit to Libya. They will become very handy for Hizbullah during future Israeli attacks on Lebanon, Syria or Iran.


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