‘Israel hit by $14mn military loss’

A report says the Israeli military lost 14 million dollars worth of equipment in 2012 and the figure could even be larger for this year.

Ha’aretz reported on Sunday that according to statistics by the Israeli military, 55 weapons and parts of weapons have been stolen so far this year.

‘Israel hit by $14mn military loss’

The technology and logistics directorate said in 2012 the Israeli military had equipment worth about $14 million stolen. The figure for 2013 expected is to be even higher, the report said.

“The losses are particularly bad because stolen equipment often winds up in the hands of criminals,” Ha’aretz said.

According to the military, thieves stole Gil anti-tank missiles from a base in northern occupied territories and thousands of bullets from a bunker at Nebi Musa in the Judean Desert this year.

“Theft from bases has become increasingly bold,” the report stated, adding that thieves steal equipment, ammunition, iron, generators and even vehicles.

A senior Israeli military official said the robberies were “carried out with cooperation from soldiers serving on the bases where the thefts occur; the idea is to sell the equipment.”

In 2011, the technology and logistics directorate was blamed for failure to reflect all losses of equipment and weapons.

The Israeli army also lost equipment including 95 weapons worth $42 million in 2007.


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