Israel started it all war – BBC War Documentary 2015 HD – Third World War


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  1. what a horrible idea. we should have given them Texas.

  2. Muslims Christians jew everyone was living side by side without any conflicts under Muslims rules until zionist monsters created Israel with help of their puppet were they destroyed Palestine and replace with racist zionist state

  3. tweed187187 says:

    lol Israel started it all.that sums up BBC for ya,no credibility.

  4. BBC of course..what a surprise!

  5. Luke Cawston says:

    Just drop a hundred nukes and turn the entire middle east into a huge glass crater. Theyve been fighting for thousands of years. Just wipe em all out already.

  6. Igos Mosig says:

    You are a progressive leftist liberal anti Israel ant semitic so called Journalist obviously promoting your own anti Israel agenda.

  7. nigel hoary says:

    fuking jews tut tut

  8. woden20 says:

    BBC !!! How the fuck did i get here. BS in the first 5 mins
    The jews got Palestine because they promised England "they would get America to join in if you give us Palestine" Not England promised them.

  9. Duc Tran says:

    arab cant fight for Shits

  10. Ben Frank says:

    without USA support Israel will not exist, anyway, the life is changing every time and nothing remains the same. some countries think they will remain in power for ever while they don't understand that the history facts show us nothing remains the same even after hundreds of years. Therefore, the only solution is peace, otherwise the war will continue from future generations bloods. that might be an impossible hope, but any we should have HOPE at least. I am arabic and I am proud of my history as you proud of your history the same, so let us put full stop to the past and start new chapter. if we all agreed in this concept many things will change.

  11. BBC…

  12. Fuck Israel, burn it to the ground!

  13. Flashbangb4 says:

    Anyone who doesn't want to participate in these wars should leave the area. Whoever is left can destroy each other. The end.

  14. shaik Imran says:

    Few Points to be considered here:
    1.To whom land of Israel Previously belongs to and who pushed the Jews into Palestine? now they captured whole of it.
    2.Have u noticed how UN divided Israel and Palestine, will any country consider if they make two separate parts of it.
    3.Egypt,Jordan and Syria didn't attack Israel initially,It was Israel who attacked and captured their territories and now they trying for a blame game as they were planning to attack israel.
    4.How can a newly formed country be so strong that they were able to neutralise three countries at once with their Airforce, No doubt America was interested into it and why it is?
    5.what is happening in Palestine Now?

  15. pfcsoldier says:

    360p is not HD :(

  16. All wars belong to Israel, The Greediest The Cruel, Disturbing Nation on the Earth, illuminating distinguishing erasing the whole humanity even their own Jews Sects.

  17. Western countries writing the history to serve their interests.

  18. Please check out the book, "Todays Technology in Bible Prophecy, " By
    Charles Miller. It was written in 1990 and circumstances are unfolding very close to what he claimed in that book.

  19. J Walk says:

    Propaganda at its best. These wars make no sense. We're fighting each other over land on a planet we're all born on? Why not stop fighting each other and look at who's starting these wars? The people at the top?

  20. Dan Berladyn says:

    I don't know the exact demographics and topical layout, but from the outset that's a strange way to divide a parcel of land. The Palestinians where broken up into pockets which suggest they were easy to target military wise.

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