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ISTANBUL — Following Tuesday night’s terrorism atrocities at Turkey’s main airport, more information has come to light showing how the attack went down.


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  1. Aliens Exist says:


  2. Imtethal Ali says:

    That's proof that isis have their own religioun that they made up Islam had nothing to do with it cuz guess what all Turkish people Re Muslims ND now they Re being killed

  3. The_king says:

    The good Thing is to now is islamisc state is not muslim The have the name to blame muslim and but away fuck yu isis pkk islamisc state let kurd live free

  4. For God's sake can't the world have 1 whole month w/ Isis or Islamic Extremist killing and or blowing up something killing people?!This is an example of how Isis can strike anywhere, the argument that if the US refuses to let Muslim's into the country or place them on a no fly will not solve this problem,it will make it Isis the ability to justify their actions.when someone becomes so radicalized nothing will stop them.if the crusades aren't an example of this what is?

  5. Caligula says:

    Fuck Turkey

  6. Wasif Ellahi says:

    Muslims always supports peace but there are some people who are trying to kill the peace by tha hands of Muslims shameful for thouse

  7. Dr. Alpaca says:

    Isis Has Attacked, Iraq, Belgium, France , Canada, Australia,  United States, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Denmark, Tunisia, Yemen,  Turkey, Kuwait, Egypt, Russia, Lebanon, Syria, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, At Least Once And More Places. They even have Attacked the LGBTQ+ community. Isis Is Not The Muslim Religion But Islamic, Muslims Are Attacked Too, Maybe Even The Most.

  8. Piepas 13 says:

    guys let me give informations about turkey first of all we are not kurds okay and my people hates kurds because the are fucking economy and we are against to isis and pkk we are not terrorist yes we are muslim country and we got a retard erdogan i know im haten him too but dont be a racist

  9. Bleach says:

    Screw turgay

  10. i bet many of the victims are muslims. Now terrorists r targetting muslims also. Full idiots.

  11. Amed Elsarj says:

    people are really stupid saying muslims are isis, it's like saying Christians are KKK

  12. Renzhi Wang says:

    keep crying , I feel so good when I see ur tears . Don't u people think those people are freedom fighter?

  13. emerald cart says:

    My moms friend was in that

  14. emerald cart says:

    She was a coach for a dance team 12 kids lives in her hands she had a 2 year old son at her home she survived so did the 12 kids God bless their lives

  15. KOBI 007 says:

    i was there 7 hours before the booming flying to Germany…

  16. GAO Xiang2 says:

    Muslims killing Muslims hehheheheheheheh

  17. Tony Alala says:

    At least the checkpoints helped.

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