Italian Forces and Industry in Early World War 2


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  1. l'm impressed by your work. Well done!

  2. tatamarero says:

    premature.. declarations. ehehehe i see what you did there ;)

  3. Interesting I've never found you until now. Subbed.

  4. The American Army made an in-depth report about this topic. I will post it here, maybe the guys who says "italians simply sucks lol" should take a look at it 😉

  5. lomax343 says:

    14:40 – You say that the Italians had some good airframes, let down by under-powered engines.  Given that that Italians regularly entered the Schneider Trophy (and won it three times), I find this surprising.  You'd've thought that this tradition would've led them to develop decent engines, at least, during the war, but clearly not.

  6. My Grandmother lived in Sicily during the war. Her Father was an anti-aircraft gunner, so apparently he was needed.

    The lack of supplies was a big deal. The Civilian population was starving.

  7. The problem with Cape Matapan isn't only attributable to radar, but also with the high incompetence of that moronic "Admiral" called Iachino. He knew he had messed up so bad that he spent the rest of his life writing books as to how he couldn't have possibly known of the presence of British big ships, when in reality Italy had intercepted and decrypted those messages. Also, his decision to rescue Pola and leave basically a squadron of cruisers to be slaughtered is something that would have deserved court martial. Everything else I absolutely agree, unfortunately I have lost family members because of that war and recalling Italian leaderships just makes me scream in anger, just think of Mussolini's statement: "Give me 1000 deaths and I'll sit at the peace conference".

  8. we need a video on how the axis could win

  9. Coehoorn says:

    They weren't cowards?
    Well, polish armed forces were in even worse condition than italian, and they fought bravely. And I didn't even mentioned being sandwiched between Soviets and Nazis.

  10. Have you heard about civil history, he's also a youtuber with a history chanel, but mostly about roman times. I think you should chek him out, and i wiuld love if you two worked togheter with a video.

  11. Carsten Hahn says:

    Or – Proof positive that leaders like Mussolini (and Hitler) didn't "listen" to well to others in the know!

  12. excelent video, is the first that i wacht and i love it.

  13. The lack of military strength reflects the functioning of the whole nation. There is no excuse to forgive Italians. Soviets worked under by far harsher conditions and they made far greater progress. Comparing Italian dedication to their own country vs Soviet dedication is like comparing inter-war tank with post-war designs. Musolini was a failure. He loved to bark, but did remarkably little in how own quest.

  14. Jeff Barker says:

    I agree. Good job with the videos. Do you have a podcast?

  15. Jeff Barker says:

    Do you have a Patreon account so fans can contribute?

  16. Gaius Baltar says:

    Learning new things, discovering new perspectives, constructing a better understanding of the world (and thus, of ourselves), finding fascination in what seems so unimportant to the many – that is fun. This channel and HOI4 have lots in common. Both are great, still imperfect but so promising, and both look like the exception in a sea of dumbed down productions. I find that they have the same sort of flavour.

  17. j mcf says:

    hey dont knock the italian rifles. they were fantastic, heck lee oswald was able to shoot JFK with a high tolerance masterpiece Carcano, while JFKwas moving away from him.
    when this "rifle" was studied after the "big event" , 3 shims were needed just to allow the scope and point of impact to align. yup, what a rifle.

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