Italy Poised for Surge in Migrants


The Italian Coastguard rescued at least 370 migrants in the Strait of Sicily on Tuesday. With the Balkan route now closed, Italy could see a surge of migrants …


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  1. Nationalism is dead, I have nothing in common with these people, they simply want to have an easy life at others expense. The West doesn't even know what it is anymore.

  2. Tyler M says:

    You know, for a nation with an average IQ of 102, you are a bunch of fucking morons. Helping the barbarian horde cross the sea, will be the biggest mistake you guys ever made.

  3. 4bigmonk says:

    lets drop sum hungry big bull sharks into the med….mmmm

  4. Why my brothers in blood are so stupid? Why governments let those people in? Why everyone wants to smash Europeans and turn Europe into a country for other people but for Europeans?
    Just tell me why.

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