Italy’s PM Renzi slams Brussels over migrant crisis – world


Italy’s Matteo Renzi has heavily criticised Europe’s handling of the migrant crisis during a huge referendum rally in Rome. The Italian premier is campaigning …


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  1. Jay Stimson says:

    Invite barbarians into your country … proof there is no limit to stupidity.

  2. There's also the possibility that Brussels–due to, I don't know, horrific terrorist attacks such as the one that rocked the city back in March–may be having second thoughts about just allowing ANYfuckingbody into their home.

  3. Setjo says:

    Matteo Renzi, you are the shame of the whole Italy

  4. Cody Crouse says:

    Matteo Renzi is in populist mode. Renzi does have some awesome policies in my view.

  5. franz romer says:

    Get the migrants back to Muslimistan!

  6. No Renzi P2 golpe!

  7. John Milton says:

    Renzi is the most ridiculous politician world ever had. Look at this: the square in the video is completely empty! There are only giant drapes but no people! Renzi is the nothing! A petty puppet who says a bunch of foolishness and platitudes without a real meaning. I'm looking forward to seeing this hypocrite clown disappear form the political scene.


  9. FMJ IRISH says:

    Put the "arrivals" back where they embarked if it's such a problem.

  10. Basta prostituti e lobbie!


  12. Incognito Z. says:

    Did he say "Jewrope"?

  13. hello hun says:

    Europeans have become weaklings. The memory of the Islamic ruination of that part of the world in history has been forgotten.

  14. He's just butthurt because his country is overrun with third world savages.

  15. Al x says:

    We are waking up to the Jewish plans.

  16. Miky ॐ says:

    we are in theshit up our neck … thanks to this fuckingpeople

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