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  1. bruce nassar says:

    Evil is in the heart of man why try to project this evil on some planet and there are only so many basic shapes its like picking and choosing what you want the results to be, and colors how about flaming pink priest! good job on the work putting together the video.

  2. Harry Gerdes says:

    Jordan is ……. the man.

  3. Fantastic video , well thought out and it resonated deeply within me.
    I started waking up about 14 years ago. Fascinated with the Old Testament from a logical perspective, I've never been religious.
    Mathematics,quantum.fibonacci sequence , I must admit That Saturn's role is fairly new to me. The 3,6,9 really hit home but I just had not put my finger on why.

  4. Nemo Nemo says:

    hey your in right path i can help you in some matters! if you want to! i am from iran! and i have master degree in cosmic mysticism ! i think u need to read holy goran" too to see better view of bigpic ….

  5. Tracey Cooke says:

    We are a Movement which is dedicated to reveal the true machinations and to liberate the planet earth from the negative Forces resp. the negative ETs (Extraterrestrials) and the "Cabal" (the Cabal are various governments, groups among the intelligence agency and the military, some royals families, elitist groups, powerful families and so on) collaborating with them. There are still many other groups and resistance movements which have the same goal and they are trying anything to liberate the earth and the termination of the old regime with the help of the positive ETs.
    These so called Cabal pull the strings in the background and directs the destinies for a very, very long time on earth. They are responsible for so many wars, false flags, injustice, pollution, animal torture, sorrow and pain. Also this society resp. this system in which we live with the ways of thinking, values, precepts, procedures was only created by the negative forces through invented religious dogmas, the financial system, the governments, the military, the mainstream media (TV-news, print media and so on) to control, manipulate, indoctrinate us for their own purpose and benefits.
    They deceive us an illusory liberty and choice which was or is never true liberty. We were never free because we are all slaves, slaves of the regime. We already were born in the slavery and that finally have to become clear to mankind. They certainly are trying to disguise with all means the truth to keep us away of this as much as possible to secure their retention of power. However in the long run they will not succeed.
    You have to free your mind from this "prison of the mind" and learn to see and understand what is really going on behind the scenes resp. behind the familiar reality of everyday life. Because in this way you may realise the truth beyond the illusion and we can raise common and change the world.

  6. 5 – 7 – 6 = 576 Cells = human = Cosmic Net Numbers : MER KA BA … TWIN : TOWER … TRIANGEL: + SQUARE : ??? SHIFT
    AU RA = Life = Dia-Metral : Asymetrie : Dynamic : Energy
    DEVELOPMENT 2 : 3 = 0,666 … DIMENSION (JUMP)
    4 x 13 = 52
    13 x 12 = 264 Hunab; 13 Baktum; 144.000 Days ( Master/Siegel) 5.200 Years
    TriAngel + Oktaeder = 12 Frequences – Dimension
    4 x 1440 x 5760 = Cheops Size – High
    GOD = POLARITY / Human = Positiv & Negativ – DUALITY …. Dezimal-System = Information … OCTAVE – SOUND ???
    3+4+5+ = 12 Merdiane (Bones – Adam) 1 + 12 = 13 / x2 = 26 Cells /
    33°+111 (King Elle) = 144 Master

  7. Alok Satyana says:

    fully understood.. Velikovski was on the path, my name still tells about.. INGO in GOD in God is INGLIA … RECALL LUNA MESJAZ LUNA AKA LUNA ES. funny story.. all comes on surface was hiddden for ages,. there will be light.

  8. Funked Up says:

    I got here from Berenstein Bears theory

  9. The idea is that the rings of saturn are actually sound frequencies, broadcasting onto the earth within the frequency range that we decode. In other words, the frequencies are hacking into our consciousness, creating a false reality. Through sound and symantecs they create all the symbols for religions, corporations, governments, etc. Hence the black cube in Mecca, the black cube jewish rabbi wear on their foreheads, the cross is a flattened out cube, the hexagram which is called the star of david. The u.s great seal. And all of the corporate logos which have cubes or a ring around the logo. They have everyone deceived in celebrating Christmas, which is really Saturnalia a pagan holiday. So much points to saturn, you have to know there is reason they're focusing on it so much and have since the ancient days. Mind blowing when you look at all the evidence.

  10. This is just another works of the devil…..the devil is the master manipulator! Oh Lord Jesus Christ I pray that ppl will not believe in this and turns to you oh Lord for you and on you are…. I Am!

  11. milkyjibby says:

    Jordan Maxwell is great as always. Very informative, interesting and coherent. The other guy fails spectacularly on every conceivable level and makes a complete ass out of himself. I really hope nobody took his schizophrenic ramblings seriously lol.
    Also, am I the only one that noticed that if you overlap the heat signatures from saturn's two moons it looks like the Freemason logo? Just something to think about…?

  12. Jesus,is coming very soon.
    Repent,before its too late‥
    God bless all

  13. Dude, man, whew, I thought the first half was deep enuf, until I got to the SIN WAVE TIME part. Man that is deep. esp I have an Electrical Egrng background, and also a Christian. Anyone with a scientific background should be floored by this synopsis of this deeper meaning. Our life is A BIG LIE!!!! Thanks for this amazing post, the background music was tastefully choreagraphed as each layer of deeper Truth unfolded. Peace, Health, Truth, Wisdom to you!

  14. Thutmosis7 says:

    I mean he has lil truth. If you want to get the facts str8 check out bobby hemmitt.

  15. the lamb has defeat the curse of time, time is the sin, sinus wave we stuck in, born in sin, born in time

  16. Rob Sta says:

    TL;DR Shapes and symbols exist therefore secret societies are out to get you and everything is a hologram. Backed up by no evidence whatsoever and people who provide no source for their information.
    Seems "legit". Good entertainment though.

  17. Caleb Santos says:

    the segment on sin and cosin tho…. lol

  18. Brother, you did WELL, thank you.

  19. Take a look at the picture of AFRICA-head of Christ
    Greece=Testes America=Langs Arabia=Mind India=Hard etc

  20. fuchyerr says:


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