J. Cole Uncensored: Why He’s Not Following “Their” Rules


In Sway’s highly anticipated interview with J. Cole, this NC rapper opens up about all things music, Dreamville and breaks down his current mind state. Catching …


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  1. am I the only one who laughed at Cole in the beginning when he said "thank you bruh" lol look at his face ??

  2. 8:00 all of these… Guys, good call you sound more professional?

  3. Omar Juarez says:

    What if that new thing is lil yachty?

  4. Black King says:

    j cole the realist not flashy got the swag of a regular college student but i bet that nigga eating good

  5. YG is great ! Bas is the 2nd best in dreamville after Cole , also is my opinion he sounds the most like Cole

  6. Jim Rome says:

    sway got a farmers tan under hat lmao

  7. YG is a blood but hes still abrother to cole

  8. Have y'all noticed many Dutch people have come to America documenting American black culture, and the American black plight. Pretty amazing.

  9. i fuuucks with jcole because he really truly fuuucks with the art community he's not like the rest of them ..

  10. The title of the video is why he's not following their rules matching mixtape to album I realize …yeah he is j cole the new wale both sold out to formats

  11. Vinny B says:

    me when I go platinum with no features

  12. another rapper like j. Cole is Nick Grant and K.a.a.n check them out if you haven't

  13. Don Massiah says:

    This dude inspires me to be me…fuck the bull niggas is puttin out tryna get rich…when it happenes,it happenes. Til then imma work on my craft and generate my own fan base. Thanks Jcole for showing me the light. Been a fan since day one.

  14. Him speaking of the first weeks #s is all facts everybody so stuck on doing #s that it's not much thought being put on the actual art of it all. The #s don't matter what does is if your records still gonna get played 10-20 yrs from now… I love Cole! ?

  15. it's coming !!! they're gonna colab #Kenny&Jeramai

  16. Tai Hussein says:

    ON MY LIFE jcole is the truth. i look up to this dude and i agree with everything he says because i seen it first hand. how hip hop has changed and people are bored of the same shit.

  17. why sway always wearing them wack ass hats

  18. so much respect for him. to even say that hip hop may be on the way out whilst being a part of it is amazing. i agree and add that kanye believes in this view too. his album showed that by having many transitions through out one song. change is coming and im excited

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