Jacob Rothschild and the Illuminati New World Order



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  1. guido7095 says:

    "who are you televising for?" R.I.P cameraman 🙁

  2. Martin Lazar says:

    languages and communication problem

  3. Rogue Vibes says:

    he is a old man calm down


  5. This repulsive piece of trash and his equally repulsive satanic tribe/minions are the biggest threat to our way of life. Had to laugh when Khazarian gangster controlled British msm and one of their dopey TV Channels, Channel 4, aired a documentary about this ancient bacterial specimen in 2013, saying what a jolly good fellow he was and how it was "wrongfully" claimed that he was part of the Illuminati – LOL !! ! What a desperate joke the "msm" is becoming and why anyone even bothers to watch or read anything the lying traitorous bastards come out with is beyond me. RIP msm scumbags, the day is nigh.


  7. Damn! Hitler was the good guy after all!

  8. Ryu Ken says:

    why doesnt anybody kill this fuck when he has no bodyguards around him

  9. Bruce Willis says:

    All this Rothschild shit is believable. But I don't understand why you all think they worship the devil. Their is no God, or devil. They're so rich and powerful you really think they believe in a god? Fuck no. They do this shit for money and power not for the devil

  10. Marshall Rob says:

    If it wasn't for them , you wouldn't be watching this , there be no music no time no day

  11. that old cunt is two steps from death, what the fuck does he need all that money for jew cunts, should of backed hitler!!

  12. besuanrobeen says:

    how is a trillionair is on the loose with no body guards

  13. Kaya Demir says:

    he looks like a nice intellectual guy

  14. Dani Lind says:

    Glorifying Hitler, that's refreshing

  15. Xi Jinping says:

    Illuminati super bad devil man !1!1!1!1!!!!11111!!

  16. Bong Tv says:

    they sold us out (germany) they fucked with us all we have to chase them all down

  17. Think about it people – You may be an atheist or don't believe in religions,but just think about it – this is the first life,you can do whatever you want,nobody's there to stop you,even though you have been warned already that you must do good stuff and not bad,and if you do not follow god's orders,you will be burnt in hell,so whatever these evil Israeli assholes do now,and all the wealth and fun that they are having,it will NEVER EVER be compared to the pain that they will suffer in hell,so don't worry,just keep living your life well and try your best not to make sins,you will be awarded heaven,UN-ENDING HEAVEN,FOREVER! And these little dickheads will be punished so bad that they will burn,die,come back to life,and then burn and die again ETC,AND THIS WILL HAPPEN FOREVER,just imagine the pain they will have,ABSOLUTELY NOTHING compared to the fun and wealth they are having now, some of you might say that this comment is useless,but I'm just trying to help out,help out the people that are really scared of these evil devils,just like I was, I was having nightmares and couldnt sleep well for 2 whole months just because I was scared of the Illuminati,but then I realised,I realised that they are NOTHING,and I realised everything that I said above.. So you should too,thank you for reading and keep living life well,thank you! <3

  18. SiXHUNNA66 says:

    black nazi propaganda lmao and i thought i seen it all

  19. He gives a bad name to all of us Jews.


  21. Literally, the Devil walking on Earth.

  22. great video brother infinite love and peace

  23. Luigis says:

    Jacobs face would be a great toilet.

  24. Mr Rothschild seems like a wonderful man and human being I don't understand how such a man could be evil and want to destroy the world. What the masses don't understand is that the human race needs people like Rothschild to lead us in to greatness and at the peak of achieving everything our ancestors before didn't do because they didn't have a magnificent leader such as mr Rothschild. Fuxk all the haters. A hater can never see somebody become successful, nor can they feed the mouths of the poor

  25. boost112 says:

    Why did you not stab him in the eye with a machete? fucking pedophile rapist sick peace of garbage

  26. Hitler and all of Germany had the heart!!! anyone know what the salute meant ? open right hand,its a fairly basic concept

  27. im to lazy to be revolutionist, no time no Will to fight for freedom

  28. Jim Samson says:

    The wealth of the rothchild was acquired through welfare and killing good people that tempered with their welfare check.this virus has lived off the tax payers through the purchase of political parasites

  29. zo oo says:

    Rothschild Illuminati New World Order = Anti crest in Christianity = Dajjal in Islam

  30. the Rothschilds are now running to there underground bunkers like the little bitch they are hay Rathchilds kiss my ass scum

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