Jacob Rothschild and the New World Order


The Rothschild spouse and children is deemed by several with awareness of deep politics to be 1 of the most, if not the most, influential families on our planet around the very last couple generations. This historic and uncommon banking dynasty shields itself from the curious eye of the general public, but the map and history of Europe have been improved by its motion and etched with its title: the Home of Rothschild. The Rothschilds produced the world of banking as we know it nowadays.

‘The Historical past Of The Home Of Rothschild’


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  1. Steve Dwyer says:

    wonder why Holly wood is going nuts? wonder why we have IDIOTS for MEDIA? wonder why the FED is a scam? all EVIL points to the Rothschild Zionist CABAL

  2. Thomas Jules says:

    Explains a lot. There always 2 sides to every story.

  3. sy3il-system says:

    Isn't this sad, but he will never be forgotten HH!

  4. Steve A says:

    Mel Gibson was right Zionist Jews ARE behind all the wars!

  5. MrRaretunes says:

    The bunch of dumb coons at the end did nothing for the case,just sounded like e
    uneducated baboons grunting.

  6. MAGA HUSA says:

    qustion if this man rothschild is so much of a bad man a criminal, then how come he is so easy to approach, by any dick of the street???the criminals on the streets do not seem to mind mr rothschild the crazy murderers that kill innocent people at malls
    do not seem to mind mr rothschild, the so called freedom fighters do not seem to mind mr rothschild on the streets
    now if i was a freedom fighter or if i was a criminal, and thought mr rothschild and his friends were the reason, a countries people is enslaved, mr rothschild and his friends would be the first people i would be visiting, since they just walk the streets and not to hard to find. so it makes me think all the freedom fighters leaders and all the criminals on the streets
    are all owned and controlled by mr rothschild, or he is just from a wealth family and all you cunts or someone is jealous as fuck.
    of the rothschild family and monkeys see monkeys do. so all point the finger, but that is all they do.

  7. I miss when the aryan race ruled the world

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  9. BreathexEasy says:

    Black Nobility? Lol
    Fake Jews? Lol

  10. scrum family most evil power full scrum family

  11. why tha fuk he wants 2 run da world he should b geting ready but to run hevn or hell dont know were his go!n

  12. The rothschilds will be licking the wounds of the Goddesses in the pit of hell

  13. Chi_Bot says:

    why didnt that man put a finger thru his ears to kill that old rotten apple

  14. Ted Stevens says:

    No man is no Lord.The rothschild and rockefellers families need to be wiped off this earth.

  15. Machaelmus says:

    You don't own Trump. 🙂

  16. Eve Lynn says:

    Honestly, Jacob Rothschild is probably the best of the bunch.

  17. bonez 206 says:

    that pastor is a total dumbass smh

  18. I just don't know what to believe in anymore. I just don't know it's all so so wrong. May God bring the truth out. Punish the liars and the fake.

  19. This very well proves that there is NO justice in this world. None at all. I just hope there IS a God above us all and he would do things right.

  20. Why didn't you just stab him up

  21. MAGA HUSA says:

    strange how this man feels safe enough to walk the streets, and very easy to approch. there is no fear in this man, and looks inoccent, the look of IVE NEVER DONE NOTHING WRONG.
    IF YOU HAD THIS MANS MONEY OR EVEN HIS REP. would you give two fucks, what a bunch of broke halfwits were saying about you, on YOUTUBE?

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