Jacques Vallee – Thinking Allowed – Implications of UFO Phenomena



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  1. They are maybe the ultimate sky watchers that come to see us unprepared … and so they don't know how to start to communicate either.
    The are our blobkers coming from out to in (from the Top)
    It is a lock down and a limit of the human potential.
    (f it will come to this at the end)
    The Human potential is maybe really indulged with fly crazy nature that we just don't know of .
    I mean Man Saw a Bird and he wanted to fly.
    But man Seeing another being flying in our sky without it ever knowing a bird… that would be awkward !

    Just a perspective

  2. Todd Mccabe says:

    I believe Jacques is on the dime. I was trilled to discover that i was not alone in the Rath. But, there are to few of us..

  3. We sure need a Mr. Vallée in the UFO-field, a sober, intelligent , real scientist, curiously, creative, a good researcher.
    On the other side, if all UFO-actors are like Mr. Vallée, we even never heard about the phenomenon at all. Surely not on such a great scale worldwide.
    I believe the phenomenon shows its real face when all kind of actors are involved in the mystery. That's may be why it takes so long. We have liers, spies, experiencers, contactees, abductees, psychics, researchers, scientists, debunkers, sceptics, fools, hoaxers, witnesses, writers, journalists, secretkeepers, and so on.
    If once the earth communion reach the level of accepting the reality of the phenomenon, perhaps these nonhuman life-forms will let us in.

    What will we do if we visit other civilizations?

  4. He's a good guy. He didn't take the bait given at 1:00 to boast. Even without that he's convincing that he kept himself emotionally detached while studying this which is for the better if there is at least one faction of these things that can't be trusted given their reprehensible behavior. I'm assuming he doesn't do this much anymore. By the way, the music at the beginning is in C for those who don't have perfect pitch.

  5. Hermesacat says:

    I was thinking Dr. Vallee appears so deadly serious, he doesn't crack a smile, let alone laugh – until at the very end Jeffrey finally coaxes a welcome smile out of him! He's certainly as serious about his hair though as some 1980s hair metal band. He even chose a suit to perfectly match his carefully coiffed hair. He must be extremely rich by now, not from his UFO books and UFOlogist career, but from his Silicon Valley venture capital company that invests in new technology inventions. He no doubt has the scientific mind and intelligence to have evaluated and recognized enough technological winners as to make him and his partners a fortune a few times over.

  6. He is soooo hot. Ugh totally my type!! Smart, outside the box thinker, and so good looking. I love his eyes. Lots of hair too!

  7. error0ne says:

    from time to time i am going to the wikipedia page of vallee just ot be sure that he is still with us 🙂

  8. newbeat2012 says:

    The shadowing angle on the ufo @ 17:18 is at a different angle when compared to the trees in the terrain. Perhaps film developing anomaly, chipped glass on lens protector, light detracting off dirt particle on lens, bug, rain drop? Without additional photos in the series to compare it to…it will remain unknown.

  9. Mike Semore says:

    Where is the pooter?!

  10. Lab Rat says:

    Interesting interview, both of these gentlemen deserve much credit.

  11. Luis Baeta says:

    Ufo´s are very real and aliens are not hideous creatures, but Human Beings just like us with minimal differences. These are highly conscious and spiritual beings. Direct contact with us would not be beneficial for both sides. The alien greys captured on downed crafts, are of less developed civilizations. These greys are AI bio-droids for the purpose of exploration. don´t get your brains entangled in Hollywood movies because none of it corresponds to reality.

  12. Cool Smiley says:

    If you read Vallee's book "Messengers of Deception", it's fascinating to read about how most of these "contactees" revert to a mystical/dogmatic worldview as Vallee describes from 14.55 on. They see themselves as becoming part of a greater cosmic system that does not encourage critical thinking or analysis. Funny how these so called "advanced aliens" do not encourage their contactees to pursue science, investigation or critical thinking, but devolve into these primitive religious sycophants.

    Very disturbing.

  13. Stoner Guy says:

    makes Ancient Aliens sound like a pile of puke

  14. astralseeker says:

    I am french. I was reading his books already in 1976.
    I have respect for his bright mind, but:
    1- his take on bentwater events is so wrong …
    2- His hypothesis about ufo being social/mental projections of human beings, theory also talked about by terence mackenna, does not make lot of sense:
    If ufo were mental projections of human beings, sociological symptoms of our societies, their shapes, forms, characteristics, capabilities and manoeuvres would change over the years , decades, centuries and milleniums.
    The projections of a society change as the society change in time, with its beliefs, levels of technology, spirituality, level of freedom, creativity etc…
    BUT: ufo events stay the same … human beings 2000 years ago described in their words, the exact same shapes, colour, lights, 90 degrees angles turns, tremendous speed fights, that we see today.
    This in itself cast away the sociological/mental projections explanations of this phenomena.
    The core of those events, is made of non terrestrial, extraterrestrial, interdimensional, intergalactic, interplanetary (etc…), space crafts, guided by ETS entities, observing, interacting, teaching, guiding, missguiding, human civilisation on this planet….

    cydonia face on mars is a mental projection ? alien structures on the moon are mental projections ? 1997 phoenix lights are mental projections ? …
    of course one could adopt a budhitst vision of the world and say every thing is an illusion, but I find the tendency of humanity to reject the idea of other civilisations in those universe the most pathetic of all position aside the one of destroying all and everything on this planet through harmfull nrj and behaviours (nuclear nrj, dead animal eating, chemicals, electromagnetic soup, etc…)

  15. Stupid interviewer keeps interrupting, cock head

  16. Does he have a giant Brien Foerster-type head? I believe he does…

  17. if i were to have chat with jaques valle myself i would be asking him the same question that i would be asking j allen hynek; stanton t friedman and raymond e fowler. "your all physicist; your all qualified scientist. why is a person of your education and reputation wasting their time and energies on such a subject? the only answer could be that they, are participating in an agenda of sorts themselves. coverup? that remains to be seen

  18. ButtMac mike says:

    Jacques Vallee's theory reminds me of the Crabwood crop circle formation (aka Arecibo response 2001-2002).  The message decoded from the 3rd formation actually supports Vallee's conclusions, as it shows a picture of a classic "gray" with 3 UFOs behind, along with the decoded message that basically stated to "beware of the deceivers".  Funny thing about that formation was the entire portrait was done in a sort of 'TV screen' pattern, implying that the mainstream media is also part of the deception imo.

  19. quaz imodo says:

    Er…excuse me. i would call Steven Spielberg's movie Close Encounters NOT a "classic." i'd call it a VLASIC PICKLE…yup. that's it a Vlasic Pickle. but "classic" ??? NOPE !!!

  20. I was talking to a small group of MUFON "field investigators" from a south-eastern state. These people are all highly educated, many in technical fields. They generally have to hide their interest from their employers. The general consensus is that no real progress has been made since the 1950s. "We investigate all reported sightings, but seriously, it is a complete waste of time" one told me. "The only thing it's good for is another story for the Discovery Channel. We know nothing."

  21. kash krupa says:

    Vallee should be required reading for anyone interested in UFOs. He has it all: scientific rigor, intelligence, patience, & imagination. His 40+ yrs of research has resulted in a very extensive evidentiary base. Some may not agree with Vallee's conclusions but he has more than enough material/evidence for you to form your own.

    Passport to Magonia is probably his most important book but I like Wonders in the Sky because it's the proof that ufos aren't a modern phenomenon.

  22. Who is following vallee? i don´t see anyone who has almost the capability of vallee, it´s useless to mention that vallee´s findings are still state of the art in 2015 and that´s sad. All the results we reach today are at the same level we had accomplished in 1990 moreover we have to bear all the idiotically new age ufology stuff.

  23. FAX335 says:

    I can't avoid feeling a little sympathy for Jacques Vallee. He approached the UFO question as a sensible scientist … objectively and thoughtfully. Very soon, unfortunately, a innumerable gaggle of charlatans and quacks realized they could reap immense profits by simply calling themselves "investigators" and selling all varieties of wacky tales supported by little or no evidence whatsoever. Vallee was overwhelmed by sheer numbers and we are left to drown in the snake oil.

  24. Genesis 6:1-13. The return of the fallen ones, the "Nephilim," and the "Watchers" as described in the book of Enoch. Mathew 24:38-39, "As in the days before the flood (the days of Noah), so also will the coming of the Son of Man be."

  25.  mr.Valles  many approach,is most unique and wise   

  26. HOH says:

    He shares some facial features with Carl Sagan. I have to say that I am leaning more and more to a break away human civilization that was already much more advanced than we r now thousands and thousands of years ago. Either that or we were taken over by aliens a long long time ago. Due to our microbes, viruses, toxins, radiation etc it may well b our planet has had some difficult natural barriers to overcome, not to mention that humans r entrenched within the ecosystem…eliminate us and who knows what goes with us. Our planet does seem to offer tourism, medical study, mineral and natural resources which includes human resources/slaves. Since the medical testing seems to b on us one can only infer the results r for other humans or human hybrids.

  27. he is focused better, best research 

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