Jade Helm 15 And The Coming ‘Gray State’ – We Were Warned! Welcome To The New World Order – Everything Changed Overnight!

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Stefan Stanford

All across the country reports have come filing in of the US military on the streets of America, out in the open, wanting to be seen, often wearing full military gear with planes and black choppers filling the air from California to Arizona to Texas to New Hampshire as seen in the videos below.

Everything Changed Overnight

An ANP readers sums up what we’re watching perfectly: “This isn’t just Texas and the Southwest, this is everywhere.”

With the full acclimatization of the American people underway across the nation, accustomizing Americans to the sight of the US military on the streets, even the Pentagon has now admitted that it is preparing for mass civil unrest and we can slowly see the ‘Gray State’ materializing before our eyes. How long will it be until everything changes, overnight?

While millions of Americans are oblivious to the military exercises taking place across the nation, the warnings of preparation for economic collapse and America one day being turned into a 3rd world nation have been going out for a very long time… we have all been warned.

When the final breaths of freedom have finally been breathed will we look back upon this day and age we now live in as a failed opportunity to save freedom for the entire human race or will we overcome what lays ahead of us?

A Russian man calls into the Alex Jones show in the 1st video to talk about the collapse of Russia and how in 2015 America he can see the same thing unfolding. He can clearly see that Jade Helm and the military exercises across America are acclimating American citizens to see the military in the street as they prepare for financial collapse. In California, a videographer asks ‘is this Jade Helm 15’ as a column of ‘about 10′ tanks makes its’ way down I-10. Quite surreal, the men sit on top of their behemoth’s as they trodge down the California highway only to be passed by ‘the oblivious’. Many thanks to PGExpress for getting this footage in the 2nd video below.

The 3rd video is a master work of art combining John F. Kennedy’s secret society speech to the world and footage from the movie ‘Gray State’ to paint a picture of a different America, an America that changed overnight. The 4th video below is footage of an enormous amount of air traffic over the Phoenix Arizona area during the last few weeks.

Susan Duclos recently asked me if I believe that the murder of Gray State producer David Crowley, so soon before the leak of the Jade Helm 15 documents to All News Pipeline, was related to the culmination of what we’re watching now unfold. That’s a question each of our readers should answer themselves.

NEW VIDEO ADDED! You can watch the entire rough cut of Gray State here: Gray State: The Rise – Raw, Uncut Documentary – Censored ‘Martial Law’ Movie In Full Here! Watch It While You Still Can!

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