Jaden & Willow Smith Illuminati MK Ultra Hollywood Children EXPOSED (Satanic Mind Control)


In this video I clearly show Illuminati symbolism that exhibits that Willow Smith and Jaden are small children less than satanic intellect manage! Be sure to share this video! God Bless, Continue to be VIGILANT & Anxiety NO EVIL !!!

Origins and Strategies of MK Extremely

Jaden & Willow Smith Illuminati Youngsters Puppets Uncovered

Will Smith Promotes Satanic Spiritual Alchemy! Illuminati Spirituality Uncovered https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_2N9U3cwyY

Jaden Smith Arrives Out of the Closet Professes His Adore for Tyler the Creator on Twitter !?! https://youtu.be/WdBCNNATwec

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39 Responses

  1. D. H. says:

    Willow and her brother are talented and that God given talent is being attacked.They are targeted individuals.God bless the children.Snatch them from the fire.

  2. time does not exist! it is an illusion, just because they think in a different way doesn't mean they are under mind control

  3. YungFoxy says:

    We don't make ourselves into Gods! Together we make God. We are connected! Stop talking about things you don't know shit about !!! This is stupid

  4. garichar says:

    My Dog is an Illuminati Puppy!

  5. Maybe you're being mind controlled to look all that up lmao willow and Jaden are fine and I support them stop worrying and just calm down do some college or get a job or something

  6. Christians must call everything satanic. Makes itLl feel like lies even when they have a point

  7. Just accept that the Illuminati is the 'Mafia'…….That's what they are. They can experience molesting a child by controlling you, they lucid-dream your experiences and, at the same time, experience molesting a child while they make their victim a pedophile. They take advantage of drunken-states, using what is in the body as an antenna.

  8. The ending of the movie The 40 Year Old Virgin.. explains alot.

  9. Elvi Island says:

    That cat at the end of the video looks like mine. 🙂

  10. this is a perspective of a religious aspect.


  12. HELLO,PLEASE HELP ME TO SHARE THE SONG I WROTE ABOUT Ellen degeneres……………….the song is already on youtube…..I am Tamara Risheel…onyoutube.thanks.

  13. Just because they're more enlightened and smarter than regular kids doesn't mean they're illuminati??

  14. You sound like an idiot!

  15. Stephie2007 says:

    The Smith family are also Scientologists so that also could have something to do with the kids' weird behavior in recent years. If you think about it, Scientology does crazy stuff to your brain anyway basically turning the subject in question into a robot. Just look at Katie Holmes while she was with Tom Cruise as an example.

  16. God damn it I knew this guy's voice sounded familiar

  17. George Smith says:

    He only wears dresses because they are paying that man bank.

  18. Xion Osmu says:

    Haha I love your opinions but it's sorta funny that every person that is different or trying to change this world, people think that they are some weird colt. You poor man go pray to this so call "god" you speak off

  19. Mookie Smith says:

    I don't think it's mind control think about it before they brought mind control to America some Americans in that time frame doing world war to had the knowledge to hypnotize people it's call hypnotism and I be leave it did exist doing world war 2

  20. willow is an amazing person. she awake she is in control of her reality. she speaks of peace love and communion. being free. how can you send negative vibes her way when all she responds with is love. God is within us and she embraces that's she's awake.

  21. the kids are beautiful both but I think that this information is so real. do sad.

  22. OMG Anything with a black and white checkerboard floor is evil! It's the pattern of the devil! Also I'm pretty sure if there was "Celebrity Mind Control" they wouldn't be using an exposed program from 40+ years ago.

  23. one simple way to get rid of the Illuminati program, take out the power grids, from a distance throw or use remotely control drones and set them on fire, that way no power no TV no media no tension right.

  24. so sad to read these comments and hear how blind some are?

  25. so the fuck what they let them be them so go fuck off there not doing nothing worg

  26. David Allen says:

    you a fucken idiot listen to pleadien message by jaden and female energy by willow they are very awake to sprirtual stuff but nothing to do with satan if anything their aliens for what they say in songs but we our spirits are beings of light and love and i felt that way alll my life think spirits not physical forms i never heard him say nothing about a prophet the only suspicious video is scarface so stop being a paranoid retarded Christian cause i dont belive in religion i believe everyone worships the same god they just seee him in different ways except satan but these kids show nothing of the sort its more of being a free spirit understanding we are not here to be slaves and show love to everybody and everyone and whats wrong with that honestly i think half of you uptight Christians are going where you think your going cause you dont accept people wnd life for how it is instead your judgemental pricks about it

  27. carmen sosa says:

    I. agree. with. most. of. what. you. say. but. I. dont. think. quantrum. physics. is. satanic. it. depends. .we. as. humans. are. extremely. powerful. but. im. not. saying. god. can. be. replaced. god. just. because. a. person. believes. in. vibration. and. energies

  28. Hi Mario,
    I thank you for sharing wisdom and knowledges and I wish awekened people will unite 🙂

    I know you don't want to hear that and I know you won't answer me but you believe in a creator just as me, the idea that this creator has incarnated just one time in his "son" has no sense, sorry,

    the creator experiment himself and he is at the source of all that exist, that why we should learn that we are all a unique part of a great one, we are all consciousness not egos.

    There is much lies in the New-Age but the fact that humanity is facing a new paradigme isn't a New-Age lie, that is the truth, New-Age believers are actually fighting against it because they don't know they work for the new world order agenda.

  29. quantum physics isnt against religion, but its the only field in science which goes parallel with religion disproving materialism which is against religion

  30. Jen G. says:

    Jaden and Willow Smith are one of US! We are a team and we are spiritually higher consciousness people here to change the paradigm. Shut up with your dark ages thinking! Religions will be known for what they truly are….mind control by the Annunaki and nephylim bloodlines!

  31. Jen G. says:

    Jaden and Willow Smith are not under mind control, they are just higher consciousness indigo children. I would have to say that people who think the bible is Gods word and believe in govt created religions are under mind control. Most of you will never awaken in this lifetime from the government alien mind control program. Keep waiting for your saviour, it's all mind control so that you do not evolve yourself spiritualy. The bible is an alien manipulated book created by man to keep you from knowing about Quantum physics, alien agendas, meditation etc. They keep you in a fish bowl putting fear in your mind of the fictional devil, with a red suit and horns. Meanwhile our planet is dying, the sky is spraying poisons and killing the trees and algae that produce our oxygen. We have 50% less oxygen then 100 years ago. And 2000 years of this religious nonsense and we still go to wars, and still hate others, we still allow our oceans and skies to be polluted. You will never wake up and change humanity! Now that the new kids and the new people are here, we are going to change this planet, because we know we are the ones we have been waiting for! So shut up with your fear based mind control religious nonsense, WIllow Smith and Jaden are indigos and they are part of the new paradigm! So get over your lower vibrational fake bible nonsense. The Mandella Effects show that the bible is manipulated and changed all the time. It's aliens who control this reality, Reptilians. See youtube videos on Mandella Effect and see how easily they control your bible and put in new verses. Stop hating gay people, it's alien manipulation to get you to hate. The bible is fraud and it's alien fear porn. See mandella effect videos on youtube and the bible changes. It's not the fictional character of the devil, it's aliens who are abducting people who control our governments. There is proof of this all over youtube, no proof of any devil dressed in red with a tail. Anyone that believes that nonsense is ridiculous. There is proof of alien abductions all over youtube, Dr. Karla Turner was murdered for exposing this. So were many people.

  32. Teresa Pitts says:

    I'm sorry but these kids are weird

  33. Max Master says:

    U know it's bullshit what u r tellin' is, aren't u?

  34. Rio Reason says:

    What about hermaphrodites? What about those with Klinefelter's Sydrome (Two Xs and a Y chromosome)? The list goes on. Science does not define us with a gender binary. It's a scale. Leave your gender binary in religion, don't spread unscientific lies.

  35. ThePC3D says:


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