January WishNews (w/ Kasper!) | Kpop & Kbeauty News Report


Kasper hosted this month’s WishNews! Get the latest news on what’s going on here at Wish Company! See our newest arrivals and updates on our new …


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  1. kit f says:

    welcome back kAS

  2. Kasper is so adorably awkward.
    It's just her own charm. <3

  3. Kasper you are in a drama i saw it forgot the name but love that drama im so excited to see you in the KDrama!!!

  4. kasper is sooooo cute n prettyy!

  5. Fighting Tessa! ?

  6. chibip6 says:

    Omg Euni's own channel! SUB!

  7. Porçsky says:


  8. yo if eunice vlogs, i'm so going to watch! can't wait to see the vids on eunice's own channel :D

  9. Niki S says:

    Yay for Eunice's channel. Subscribed ???

  10. xvxlea says:

    eunice!! im so happy for you. im gonna go and subscribe nowww. see ya there xoxoxoxo

  11. Lê Hoàng says:

    I like the video but why is kpop in the title?

  12. your english is quite good, i wish i could have the chance to practise my pronunciation outside of my english classrom x.x

  13. Chezablue1 says:

    YaY !!! Eunice has a channel I'm gonna SUB !!!!!! <3

  14. Wendy 웬디 says:

    Yay!! Eunice is opening her channel!!!! Yippy!!! Gonna subscribe!!! lol You gotta collab with me too unni! Muah

  15. mohdmalic12 says:

    She changed she looks so happy right now :D

  16. gabz brooks says:

    i'm definitely going to watch eunice's channel, love you <3

  17. Campanella says:

    Eunice I'm searching for a necklace like yours for so long D: It looks like the same one as Taeyons in her MV but here in Germany I could not find one like this.:(
    Anyways perfect Video as always,Kasper is so cute and you look fab.

  18. manoj gurung says:

    yes! I am excited sure going to subscribe your channel eunice.. love you

  19. ItzaMeylin says:

    Eunice has her own channel!!!!

  20. Omg I love kasper so much !!!❤️❤️❤️ what is her fandom name ?

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