Japanese Aircraft Of World War II Documentary



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  1. nael berger says:

    Aspect therefore pick goeyqq initiate orientation column harm peak.

  2. japanese empire was cool back then.

  3. Ps Middx says:

    The Japanese had some fine aircraft, though they often sacrificed armour for speed/range, leaving them to be destroyed really easily.

  4. so where were all the super fancy aircraft going to get their fuel from? This is just stupid.

  5. Art Moss says:

    So the Japanese anti-submarine helicopter could carry one 60 kg depth charge. Good luck with that.

  6. A rocket with an altitude of 100 km is definitely designed for space research…. And could never be used militarily.

  7. Mishn0 says:

    "…if they had been ready in time…" Yeah, right. If frogs had wings, they wouldn't bump their asses on the ground when they hopped. They're forgetting the complete blockade of the home islands by the end of '44.Point 2: Japanese aircraft weren't significantly better than allied aircraft at the beginning of the war. Their pilots WERE better due to years of combat experience that US pilots did not have. Once they accumulated experience and evolved their tactics, US pilots were able to best Japanese pilots even in Wildcats and Warhawks against Zeros.

  8. surearrow says:

    >>-———————>The WWII Pacific theater was not seeded because the U.S. blockaded Japan (so say British revisionists). After countless warnings from the U.S. to Japan to stop invading China, the U.S. followed through on those warnings with the oil blockade. It was Japan's aggression in China that seeded the Pacific war from the get-go.


  10. b bock says:

    Think about it, no raw materials for these advanced weapons. So it was another pie in the sky project. Japan sealed their fate when they attacked Pearl Harbor, they woke the giant and pissed him off. Japan never thought that the USA would come at them with such material wealth and production power, as did Germany in the case with the USSR….just sayn.

  11. Brent Dallyn says:

    Meh!…shoulda,woulda,coulda. Magic doesn't happen without skilled pilots to fly them

  12. US Submarines without torpedoes led to submarines without commanders because the submarine core was run by the finest Japanese 5th column.

  13. Twirlyhead says:

    "How clever the Japanese technicians were to build a jet engine from only a few drawings" – that would indeed be clever but they had far more detailed instruction and help than that from their German pals – still clever but not the heavy spin that the video is applying to labour its dubious points.

  14. Twirlyhead says:

    In reality the autogyro, while bearing a strong resemblance, is nothing like a helicopter – they are much closer to a conventional, fixed wing plane but with an unpowered rotary wing which turns and imparts lift only because of the forward thrust provided by a conventionally mounted aircraft propeller and engine – they cannot take-off or land vertically and they cannot hover – I feel the video is intentionally misleading in this.

  15. Tom Sanders says:

    Jets made from bamboo and fueled by rice wine…

  16. Tom Sanders says:

    The US subs got in to their stride very late – probably a war winning weapon all on their own if differently handled and started on their correct course earlier… discuss

  17. Matthew Rowe says:

    Interesting thank god non of these would have changed anything as the US would have incinerated Japan at the cost of countless dead


  19. pete sampson says:

    Um. Yeah. The Japanese designed, and even built, some very good planes but they still lost the war the moment they started it. Even if they had built all those great planes in large numbers, by their standards, they were outnumbered by at least two orders of magnitude and they didn't even have a sniff of nuclear weapons. We can admire their expertise but we need to remember that the real difference in war is simply numbers and logistic supremacy.

  20. John Riggs says:

    If anyone is listening, it would be really great to have documentaries on the Italian planes of WW2.

  21. Pete Gromov says:

    "Add to turning radius"?

    I guess he meant "reduce the turning radius".

  22. beaconrider says:

    Japan had plans brought in from Germany.  But the Japanese did not have the raw materials to build any real number of these aircraft, nor did they have the fuels needed to fly them.  You cannot defeat an enemy with a picture of a weapon, no matter how futuristic.

  23. Forgot Canada entry  Launched on September 29, 1962, the Alouette-I scientific                        satellite marked Canada's entry into the space age and                        was seen by many as initiating the most progressive                        space program of that era.With the Alouette launch, Canada became the first nation, after the                  Russian and American superpowers, to design and build its own                  artificial Earth satellite.

  24. Phil Brown says:

    The jet aircraft in the first few minutes, shows Germany shared their aircraft ideas with Japan.

  25. GREAT STUFF!! ..thank you.

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