Jay – Z : Illuminati musical Satanism : The Documentary


This shocking documentary about Jay- Z includes declaring it out of her mouth and raping children is a monster , and the video evidence shows him .. .


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  1. Vasquez says:

    "The church of satan" doesn't recruit or accept black people. Bunch of ingnorants. Before posting stupids videos like this or before coment about it…."learn first "

  2. Jack Daniels says:

    18 mins onwards Is the most stupid argument I have ever heard

  3. Dan Anderson says:

    The link below gives more background on jay-z…..who he is where he comes from he is A satan worshiper ..this doc exposes others as well..the truth hurts .but the truth is there for anyone wanting to know

  4. You ugly cunt, and liar.

  5. Oh, you're so intelligent.

  6. Oooohh, u talk about BAD music. Thanks for saving us. Cunt!

  7. If I met you, I'd kick ur fuckin head in.

  8. Tell us something new, cunt!

  9. What the fuck do u do?

  10. Who r u to call someone a 'slut'?

  11. Yeah Mark, and the world will end, eh, tomorrow?

  12. If I see u, I will kill you.

  13. Jo Do says:

    Where in that book by Aleister Crowley does it say you can get magic powers by raping children?

  14. Sean Croghan says:

    People like this see the world in too much of a black and white perspective. He is an artist, he is taking on the persona of a character in his head. Just becomes someone says something for artistic effect doesn't mean they agree with it morally. Learn to see the world past "good" or "evil". These are simply perspectives of man's need to think in terms of a duality, it doesn't exist outside of our psyche.

  15. JGreek says:

    Fuck Jay Z and his old lady face. Old ass grandma.

  16. NWBOXING 247 says:

    "Life Starts When The Church Ends"- Jay-z " New York"

  17. seg sal says:

    its true his lyrics aren't all that clean but he is still an entertainer. But really when you look it at Gods point of view. anything that doesn't glorify God is pretty much satan/evil/Illuminati

  18. john epps says:

    mark dice, dont look at job for a cowboy

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