Jehovah Witness Beliefs – Watchtower Bible And Tract Society Exposed (Documentary)


In this Doomsday prophecy video, we are going to take you through a journey across history where you can learn the beliefs of Jehovah Witnesses i.e., …


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  1. Mark Payne says:

    I wonder why you are all so alarmed about JW's. The truth is they are only a tiny fraction of the world's population – 0.1%. while the whole world is with you. So what is the big deal? Let them be. If they are really a cult, time will tell. I think they are not forcing anyone to believe them. And if by chance you happen to be a member of their organization, you are always free to leave anytime. Mind your own business.

  2. Joseph Goody says:

    For those that haven't seen this yet, The Australia Royal Commission's findings on the Jehovah's Witnesses child sexual abuse. I think the watchtower is going to be in some trouble, again. Great news!

  3. Funny, some believe the pyramids were the death tombs of gods and rulers and others believe they were temples of the evil rulers for sacrifices to their gods because all know most were built not by God but by people practicing evil little myth gods. And according to the Bible, there is no rapture to happen like the people are preaching today. And any time you see people who preach living richer then their followers, then know they are false preachers and their money is their god. Many people use scriptures from the Bible to push their false religion, but they twist things around so much that there is no wonder people are turning away from The Words Of God.

  4. John Allen says:

    I've studied all the "big" religions..the JWs are IMHO the true religion. the bible says you're not supposed to kill..but catholics and all the Protestants religions fight in wars. Even Buddhist fight war in Asia. Same with Hindu…Muslims also fight in war. The JW were in concentration camps in NAZI Germany because they refused to fight for hitler.

  5. I am not a baptized Jehovah's Witness and will never be, but I believe that they are the most real religion. They study, believe and teaches what's in the bible and not what a priest a church or their neighbor tells. Most people claims to be a real christian, a follower of God and collects dozens of bibles but didn't even understand what the Ten Commandments really says.

  6. John Martin says:

    I find it very funny that these devils try to expose Jehovah Witness. But yet Jehovah witness don't expose other religions. Normally when someone have to defend themselves it is because of hate for the truth.

  7. can't see any comments although there are 10??? Seems dodgy to me there is good and bad everywhere all religions have been corrupted by the ruling families at the top  Not many people know or are sharing the whole truth firstly there was no "J" in the original languages spoken around the time of the birth of Christ therefore his name was not Jesus which sounds like the pagan God Zeus the witnesses do share a lot of truth they just fail to tell the whole truth because basically the ruling families at the top don't want them to…….Yahu means breath Sha means saves or saviour Yahusha means Yahuah is saviour or breath is salvation Yahusha is the original Hebrew name for our Christ the Hebrew saviour the messiah the master the Prince of Peace who was the sacrificial lamb that became the King of the Earth There is even the SH sound which we use to calm people down in distress or keep them quiet or we use the English word hush when we sing hush little baby to our children YHUH pronounced Yahuah(Yahuuah) is the original Hebrew name for the one true creator of the universe the creator of all living things all living things breathe all living things need oxygen Yahusha was taught by the best spiritual teachers and spiritual masters of his time Yahusha mastered many things before he was baptised Yahusha is known as Isha Masih in India Isha means master and lord Masih means messiah Yahusha mastered Yog and taught and practised Yog Yahusha travelled around Ancient India healing many many people using touch prayer fresh food and herbs Yahusha preached against the use of wine and alcohol and sacrifice and blood Yahusha taught the benefits of water Yahusha taught Yahuah his God is Love Yahusha explained Yahuah was a compassionate caring powerful creator God Love creates Hate destroys Yahusha returned to his people to save them from the pagan rituals and behaviours they had been carrying out due to the influence of the Roman officials and King Herod who was an Arab working for the Romans and not a Hebrew Yahusha preached that everyone should Love one another and be compassionate towards eachother that's because we are all one we are all one consciousness we are all equal what we do to another we do to ourselves…..One of the Holy Roman Catholic Empire Royals who wasn't on the throne started the Knights Templar which St Clements tried to abolish because of worship to a Devil God Baphomet and other sexual immorality including homosexuality 12 ships full and a few Templars escaped France went under ground later resurfaced as became Freemasons who still worship Baphomet and Russell the founder of the JWs was a 33rd degree Freemason Basically the Pope has Sovereign Immunity which means he is Royal and then the Freemason Families at the top are Royal then there are the Khazars who joined the Knights Templar and also married into the Royal Families… Jeremiah 8:8 you will see the scribes amended the original scriptures Numbers 33:51-56 shows how the ruling families managed to get everyone to take over land for them Numbers 35:30 explains how if anyone did anything don't dob him in Job 30:30 Job said my skin is black upon me there is more evidence to show the original Hebrews were black it is recorded in ancient texts that when Yahusha was born he was as black as the night at night only the whites of his eyes could be seen Yahusha was black Christ was black the black Hebrew descendants are still the slave class enslaved by the ruling families religion has been used as a weapon against everyone else making man rise against man over 250Million people have been killed by just 3 of the largest super power countries since World Word II the ruling families have been poisoning and destroying as many people as they can while they are the ones that roam free in paradise they call themselves masters and everyone else they call slaves but they are masters of nothing because they failed to master the greatest lesson Yahusha mastered and that is Compassionate Love for everyone we are one we are only living out separate experiences we are all equal we all deserve the exact same rights as the ruling families to roam freely we are one tell the others that are harming you and your family to stop if you are accepting someone calling you a slave you already face big hurdles and disappointments because you are allowing those pretenders to take your rights away Yahusha bought you at a price and set you free you are free

  8. what is the drama around the Easter subject? Ishtar is really Easter Ishtar a daughter of Anu was the name of the Fertility Goddess that lost her husband then had sex with her son and birthed Tammuz when Tammuz was born she automatically became Queen of Heaven and Tammuz became King of the Earth that is the origins of the cross it was originally a T then it was later changed to a long cross we know today which had nothing to do with Christ's death the reason for all the eggs is fertility and of course rabbits breed really quickly so in actual fact Easter is a pagan fertility festival there is a lot of reasons why there is so much trouble in the Middle East one of the main reasons is evidence of past civilisations such as the Sumerians and the Anunnaki and the many many tablets that hold clues and information about who we are those tablets are worth more than gold there were two brothers Enlil and Enki who were in opposition to eachother Enlil is meant to be Yahweh and Enki is meant to be Satan then there is the mystery of the tree of life mentioned in Genesis there is reference to the tree of life throughout the bible where the Hebrews planted groves because they were forbidden to mention the name for the tree of life after all that is what JWs are promised to have everlasting life and access to the tree of life so they can live forever some people call it the fountain of youth or the holy grail and the ruling families have all the information at their fingertips

  9. I have seen video footage of American soldiers singing praises to Jehovah and wondered if they also get told they will live forever in paradise for their participation and service and Freemasons get told they will live forever too so it's not just the JWs that are being told they will live forever in paradise

  10. LightFly2013 says:

    +Michael Sanchez You are SO a JW trying to post these Im not a JW comment to counteract the true and negative comments mostly on this post. And the fact you BLOCKED all replies proves you are absolutely a JW.


  11. Lee Johnson says:

    Jehovah Witness A Full Blown Cult..

    There is no doubt that the Jehovah Witness religion is a Full Blown Cult. Checking Wikipedia on Jehovah Witness, it is written that the World Community does see the Jehovah Witness Religion as a Cult,  and Wiki Pedia goes into the many areas of the Religion being a Cult. Checking J W Facts, the Authoritive Writers are named,  and how they consider a Cult Operates and the Jehovah Witness Religion qualifies on every count.

    I just happened on to,  a You Tube Video on the Jehovah Witness religion and the religion looked Pretty interesting, so I started watching Videos on the Religion. There are thousands of You Tube videos by former Jehovah Witness Members, and the Videos are very interesting to say the least.

    All of the You Tube Videos I viewed were from Jehovah Witnesses who had been members of the Religion Since Birth. The members of the Religion had been active members from 20 to 39 years. Then something happened that made them leave. In many cases the Jehovah Witness that made the video had been Disfellow shiped and had been shunned by the other Jehovah Witness members.  The members of the Jehovah Witness Immediate Family and all of their relatives were Jehovah witnesses and all of their Relatives had shunned them, after they were disfellow Shiped. This was psychologically hard to take and adjust to. But in time, the Disfellow Shiped members did adjust and they were happy that they were out of the Cult, who had done their thinking for them all of their life. They felt Free At Last, and they enjoyed their life away from the Jehovah Witness Cult.

    The Jehovah Witnesses more or less court the people,  they are trying to get to join the Cult. Of course the fact that the religion is a cult is hid from the Prospective members until they become full members and are baptized. Once they are in, all the way,  the courting Stops and the New members begins to find out he or she has joined a cult and the cult controls their life,  completely.

    Oddly enough many members of the Cult, like the Culture the Cult Creates. It is a tight knit community that is Tightly controlled by the Cult Leaders.  And a few of the Ex-Jehovah Witnesses say that for  years they actually love the Tight Knit, and Tightly controlled Culture. Some people do like to have an authority to control all aspects of their life. And the Cult community is very controlled. And many people do like living in a Close Knit community that is a Controlled Community.  And that no doubt is why so many Jehovah Witnesses remain a member of the Cult for so many years, before they finally leave, or they are kicked out of  the Cult and Shunned.

    When one member of a family joins the Jehovah Witness Cult, they get their parents and Brothers and Sisters to join the Cult. Plus they get all of their  Relatives to join the Cult.  So when just one person is converted to the Religion, the Religion gets many members when  their Parents and Relatives join the Cult.  This of course causes the Cult to increase in Size very quickly.

    150,000 Jehovah Witnesses leave the religion each year, but 300,000 new Members join the Religion each year. So the Cult is always growing in leaps and bounds.

    The Cult was first established by Charles Taze Russell after he became interested in the Second coming of Christ, in year 1870. By 1879 Charles Taze Russell had many Bible Study Groups and he was making some public Sermons on how he interpreted the Bible. And some newspapers were publishing his Sermons.  By the year 1900, Charles Taze Russell  was getting some bad Press, some Scandals. But he survived and continued his Bible Study Groups where the Groups were taught to interpret the bible the same way that Charles Taze Russell interpreted the Bible.

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