Jenny McCarthy Tells CNN “People are Dying from Vaccinations”


“People are also dying from vaccinations. My son died in front of me for two minutes.” Jenny McCarthy talks about how she cured her son from Autism created by unsafe vaccinations.

Jenny McCarthy Tells CNN “People are Dying from Vaccinations”

For hard science demonstrating the wide range of unintended, adverse health effects of vaccination, visit the research project:  Health Guide: Vaccine Research


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  1. 5 War Veteran says:

    Excellent! Finally a well known “celebrity” talks the truth that complies with the evidence I have collected over the years.
    Illegal activities of wealthy BIG PHARMA and doctors receiving kick backs are responsible for perpetuating the lies. Destroying populations of children for profit and greed. Creating people who will need medical care for the rest of their lives. Instant permanent income.

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