Jerusalem in The Quran – Lectured By Sheikh Imran Hosein



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  1. Ex. Gamer says:

    InsyaAllah, I agree with some of his interpretations but not all of them.

  2. Raana Waheed says:

    Absolutely fascinating lecture! Thanks Sheikh Imran Hosein!

  3. kamal karim says:

    if someone blame imran hosein, i suggest you should check your sight! because you might be blind.

  4. This is one of the most comprehensive lectures on the Abrahamic Faiths.

  5. I watch this guy every day he is great

  6. dajjal will enter our space and time thru CERN portal Astana Kazakhstan nwo capital city prepared

  7. 6772mike says:

    this guy is full of shit….

  8. if you want to know what is in the holy Qur'an simply look yourself. do yourself the justice. it is the last word for all mankind.

  9. sajith ali says:

    it is only a matter of time, those ugly buildings on temple mount will be destroyed soon!!

  10. Jerusalem is written 667 times in the Torah.
    The Christian Bible, hundreds of times speaks of Jerusalem.
    The Koran never even once mentions Jerusalem.

    "al Quds" simply means a holy place but every Muslim bows the THE HOLY CITY MECCA
    not Jerusalem, which is the Holy City of King David.
    Anointed King of Israel
    King David and his son King Solomon built Gods Holy Temple in Jerusalem,
    Three thousand years ago.
    Long, long before mohammed!

  11. Absolute Islamist propaganda.
    This fool actually calls King David, the anointed King of Israel and David's son, King Solomon…
    Islamic kings!!
    Oh my goodness, that's pure propaganda.
    King David was Jewish not a moozlim!

    Mohamed started the new religion of Islam in the seventh century after Jesus!
    King David lived as King over Israel 3,000 years ago.
    The Torah was given, in Hebrew to the hands of Moses.
    These Islamic warriors, mujaheddin try to twist the Torah into what they want it to say.
    Nice try, but not a shred of truth in this.

  12. aticq rahman says:

    Great lecture , it's end days for America but let's not forget the uk government and its supporters too, once America and uk are taken care of, Islam will prevail but then we need someone to establish Islam fairly not barbarically and neither moderately the nation will require a leader like the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. Peace

  13. Thanks Brother Imran Hussein for your indept knowledge of lslamic history accuracy

  14. Daimomac says:

    Babylonian Army punished Israel first time. Jews enslaved and punished in Babylon (Iraq). Roman Army punished Israel second time, after Jesus's crucifiction, destroyed Israel and Jews were scattered all around the world to this day. (After that Ottoman Turkish Empire took over Israel.) And finally, Muslim Army will punish Israel a third time. And only the true righteous Jews and Arabs will survive and the wicked zionists will perish. This event has not yet happened. Sheikh Imran gives a prediction and says around 50 years from now. This lecture is from 2002, as far as I know. And we at DA2K group predict in a similar way. We say the end of zionism is going to happen around the year 2050. We are young people now in 2016 but by 2050 we will be old. If we are lucky some of us may see the day. Oh and it's not only Muslims who wait for that day. Any people in the world, who have woken up, hope to see this wicked zionist state finally defeated. And true peace be established between Jews and Arabs and the rest of mankind, those who manage to survive and stay on the right path.

  15. Hans Siegel says:

    Lies from this cretin do not convince us that Jerusalem would be better of in muslim control.

  16. John Johnny says:

    you only want jerusalem becouse you know its the holly city of the jews.. thats the whole islam idea.. to humiliate other religions.

  17. Doug Mcginn says:

    EAT PORK…!!!!!!!

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