Jesse Ventura on stage. illuminati exposed

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  1. Mathew P says:

    these women is perfect examples of " BIRD BRAIN".

  2. lets put him on liberal mainstream media and discredit him with people who should not be asking these questions!!! then given engineering stats from a ditsy blonde hollywood slut!!! who knows nothing about steel or the melting point of the steel used. the view is a bunch of whining feminists liberal crackpots!! a fat black lesbian who smokes weed, a dumb arse redhead jew, a blonde ditsy cheerleader with no brains and an old woman who shows the brains of all four! shit he had no chance with that crowd!!!

  3. Lyno Davinci says:

    We need more people like this guy. If we want all wars to end and prevent more killing these are the people every body needs to listen to. Not Obama trump jay z or any other illuminati mofos. RIP tupac MJ Bob Marley Kennedy and Many Many more heroes

  4. Jim Taylor says:

    I watched on TV at work and my boss said (He was an engineer) there is no way a building could fall like that without some sort of help. Then when Bldg. 7 went down he said that was not possible, period. After looking at all the reports, the clips, and especially the BBC reporter that reported Bldg 7 had collapsed when you can clearly see it standing right behind her, the security tape from a business right across the street from the pentagon going missing, the fact that there was such a fast cleanup of the debris field (which was way too small) but it took over a year to start an investigation, and the fact that fireman and rescue workers say there was a virtual lake of molten steel still there after weeks…etc…etc ….sorry folks it is not a conspiracy it is a fact that we were lied to.

  5. Their mocking tone is so disgusting. Brainless fucking apes.

  6. I admire his patience , god I would've lost it with these dumb bitches.. "institute of studying steel " Jesus fucking Christ ..

  7. Daytime women's TV is no place for any serious discussion … the pseudo intellectual chatter of the type of females in this interview must embarrass all the really clever women we have on this planet

  8. AD says:

    how the hell one man can win an argument or prove a point against 5 women. even if he is correct

  9. It all makes sense, I recently watched a conspiracy video on conspiracies that turned out to be true one was the CIA letting massive amounts of crack illegal substances from Nicuarguan drug trafficers to black african communities in L.A , the other one was the government planning on shooting innocent civilians dressing them up as Cuban soldiers and blaming the Cuban government for that attack in order to go to war with them, president John F. Kennedy quickly knew about this and stopped it before it happened, look it up its called Operation Northwoods.

  10. Lee Jameson says:

    So everything bad thats happened over there is a conspiracy and your own pres killing your own people? I never been so happy to be English

  11. Jeffrey D says:

    Good topic, but moderated by a group of dumb, old Yentas? Face palm

  12. they no what they are doing the work for them .

  13. Why is he talking to these brainless hens anyway. Their comfortable in the positions they have and would never question what goes on in the government.

  14. why dont the women shut the fuck up and let him speak

  15. Truth Seeker says:


  16. Truth Seeker says:


  17. William Gee says:

    Trust me lady Jesse Ventura is much more knowlegable than you on these things.

  18. what did this have to do with the Illuminati

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