Jesuits Erasing our Flat Earth – Documentary


How the biggest deception started and who promoted it, narrated by Johnny Cirucci. From the Holy Roman Empire, to modern times, while explaining the Jesuit …


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  1. the veil shall be lifted

  2. the jew goes to great lenghts to deceive us

  3. mark ross says:

    This is what every true Flat Earther should know. I've been trying to get ODD to look into the Jesuits as to get this pic.. Well done and Beautifully presented.

  4. Odon Sabo says:

    Awesome, may God bless you! Now look into the god the Catholics/Jesuits gave those of us who seek God, and you will never again call yourself a "Christian". You are awesome and really should do a video on that. I'm sure you know he Catholics invented and created the religion called "Christian" (the Disciples of Christ would never call themselves "Christian" or Christ-like, or "Good") .. whose god is a "Deity", or a series of deities who reside (not by their own choice, God threw them there) in the earths supernatural realm, from where they "divine" their half truths and lies to mediums, also called Christian Diviners, who got their degree in none other than; "Divination" from Jesuit run Schools of Divinity, or Trinity Colleges.

  5. Billy Tide says:

    Earth is flat and in a glass like dome but what is outside? I believe that giants about 1 mile tall built our terra-planetarrium with the divine assistance of high intellect. Proof is in the loss of all the giant silicone trees and forests that have been cut down by those giants and the remains are not to be found on the earth's surface, Giants melted them ; the trees in a great glowing moltant ball and air pushed into it's center to create the earth sized dome that is over us now! Good luck all of you now that you know the truth! Giants are on the outside and it is better that we stay inside perhaps! Jesuits are not going to like this comment! But who cares about their feelings anyway! The pope needs to resign to avoid decapitation along with the cardinals and bishops too! Assholes of HELL!

  6. There were civilizations outside of the Holy Roman Empires influence at that time,you goofball.

  7. Kevin Pinn says:

    This is so blinkered – cherry picking all the bad things Catholics did. Luther wrote a book "Against Jews & their lies" – turned out to be one of Hitler's favorites. Oliver Cromwell went over to Ireland & slaughtered hundreds of women & children. I am a protestant myself but I wish people would read their history before making youtube videos

  8. Suppose Rome made up "Jesus" to combat the Messianic movement giving the people what they wanted. Would put a new twist on all of this. The Vatican being the seat of Cesar. The Jesuits being one of the most powerful arms of Rome.

  9. Terra Firma says:

    Wow-impressive. . Keep them coming. God bless your work. Thanks

  10. scottandildi says:

    I always wondered where the phrase, "that's a bunch of bologna" came from, now I know. Bologna, the home of BS in ancient Rome.

  11. L. Tate says:

    Awesome video! Thank you!

  12. Joseph Lynch says:

    Excellent job. Amazing content! Nice work.

  13. Benyam Tekle says:

    Jesus is Lord.
    Repent your sins in Jesus Name and be Saved from everlasting Hell Fire.

  14. Omega Joe says:

    So… the Catholics are first blamed for imprisoning Galileo because he was spreading the heresy that the earth was round instead of flat… and then they are blamed for spreading the same heresy themselves and denying that the earth was flat?

    Does any of this scan? At all?

    I wish you guys would make up your minds…

  15. mojo jojo says:

    This is where the Trinity lie began. Pagan Roman Catholic Church in the 4th century

  16. Paul Paulsen says:

    Very good and very deep… Thank you from Germany from a retired Lutheran theologian… I HAD THREE (3) STROKES SITTING IN A WHEEL CHAIR, UNABLE TO MOVE AND EVEN TO SPEAK… But I experienced the abyss deep love and mercy of God… HE OPENED MY SENSES TO FLAT EARTH… Every morning I tell GOD THAT I LOVE HIM FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART AND GODS GIFT OF HIS HOLY SPIRIT… Finally, I am at peace with God… RECENTLY I CONSIDER THE ABILITY OF APOCATASTASIS PANTON (see )… AMEN

  17. i think its the jews not the jesuits

  18. Excellent presentation, easily understood, and explains the deception, and how it began so very well. Thanks.

  19. the biggest deception was to say that Jesus is the son of God or Jesus is God. Jesus was the son of virgin Mary he was born through the virgin birth and he was a prophet like all the other prophets who came to deliver the message of God. any else is blasphemy , believe me people. it's a disgrace to think that a human being is a son of god or he is god or that he can save you. That's the biggest jesuit deception ! He wasn't crucified , he was raised by God to the heavens and he will be back at the end of times , which is very soon. Open your eyes everyone !!!!!!!

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