JFK – The Speech That Killed Him



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  1. PandaBubbah1 says:

    he basically commanded his people to be conspiracy theorists as is the reaction of common sense. seriously! ?! am I wrong did he not just tell his people to be conspiracy theorists? ? dude was a boss

  2. Nick says:

    Here thanks to #Vault7. Stick gives me goosebumps. ‘I Will Splinter the CIA Into a Thousand Pieces’ . Pilled the masses in the original crusade against shadow government. We remember you Patriot #MAGA

  3. It took 54 years. 54 years of lies, manipulation, the destruction of society. 54 years until the man who was not supposed to be elected joined forces with the patriots who weren't supposed to divulge the truth. 54 years until the release of "Vault 7". You did not die in vain, Mr. President.

  4. European Guy says:

    How did the United States go from this man to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

  5. Kat Rag Doll says:

    I believe that people still listen to these records of President Kennedy because they're looking for hope and a feeling that no matter how dark things seem now that by hearing his voice and reassurance that things will be ok some how- he died when I was only a year old but hearing he speak gives me a sense of calm- at least that is why I do.

  6. Yiayia60 says:

    It will come to light that President John Fitzgerald Kennedy and President Donald J Trump both want the best for our United States.
    History Repeats it self. The Truth is right now listen to JFK's speech word for word and realize what's going on at this moment???

  7. jews get their nuclear weapon after his death

  8. Eddie Leal says:

    -R.I.P President Kennedy. Your words are as true today as they were back then…timeless.

  9. fucking warmongering Zionist fake Khazar jews were behind JFK murder. just as they were behind 911.wake up people

  10. JP W says:

    The blind will think that JFK is warning future society about the evil Trump admin. They take solace in the warming truth of The Washington Post as they stroke their Rosary beads and pray to Obama.

  11. Eric Estrada says:

    Obama, W.Bush, B.Clinton I never voted for though I could have cause of age, I agree with him. I love that he asked the media Not to deal with any party with special treatment. Not In those words but that was my understanding no shit his time would be over soon .

  12. KENZOWAL says:

    What a stunning contrast to The Donald.

  13. that's what's happening today

  14. benz500r says:

    I thought he was talking about his father's business who operated on similar principles as Al Capone. His location and political connections saved him unlike Capone. Then I thought, he was talking about his own policies with respect to Vietnam and Cuba. I guess, I was wrong again. He swiftly found another vilan.

  15. The Reef says:

    I have a video on my channel from a former Area 51 employee who sheds some light on this?

  16. what is a great dobut in jkf assaination it's preety simple that illuminati confusion killed him

  17. yfelwulf says:

    Johnny Walker German for Dummkopf feeling like a fool yet at all you didn't know. TAKE THE BLUE PILL ?

  18. yfelwulf says:

    Johnny Walker as a Jews pet Goyim or German you are forbidden from hearing the real truth about the HOLOHOAX there were never 6 million Jews killed that is an absolute lie. Dud you know allied POWs were at Auschwitz working alongside the EVIL JEW in the two factories outside the main gate? clearly not. Or they have milked Germans alone for $89 Billion. That the JEW SA and JEW K concluded at wars end the total deaths in camps all races nationalities religions at around 2 Million. Or the EVIL JEW has known the exact figures since Eichmann trial in 1967 the reason they forbid you to question it. Did you know all the Bolsheviks were Jews who overthrew Christian Russia. The reason Hitler said Jews and Communists Communists and Jews the words were inter changeable. Not aware half of Jewmerica's politicians are Jew's and extreme Zionists. That the latest JRW Spy Story from the UK reveals 80% of its politicians answer to Israel. Why the Anti Russian hysteria when their the ones being surrounded by NATO. Simple they gave ousted their Jews and gone back to Christianity something no Jew will tolerate. Not aware the Jew George Soros funded the coup in Ukraine setting a Jew up as it's President. The little corporal.was right.

  19. yfelwulf says:

    Johnny Walker since you asked. Oswald's Wife was a Jew he was associating with well to do Jews above his pay and social standing. He had supposedly defected to Russia at the height of the cold war then returned to Jewmerica ????? without question. Obviously setting a Russian connection up if needed. The Jew Jacob Rubinstein who killed him in a different photo to the one usually shown. Sees Ruby or JEWBY using a QUICK KILL SHOOTING TECHNIQUE only used by Agents and the Military elite. That is INDEX the normal trigger finger points along the barrel MIDDLE finger operates the trigger. Used St close range when there us no time to aim. so where did JEWBY learn that? The enquiry largely run by Jews failed to notice all the JEWISH connections. Why kill Kennedy he was a CHRISTIAN the hated enemy of the JEW and refused to sell them Jets to start a war. Clearer now the guy with the moustache knew your enemy well.

  20. Vijay ERP says:

    I've seen some people criticising JFK for some reasons, But am damn sure about one thing if anyone is assassinated either he's good or not the assassination is to hide the truth or killing the good, thr's some truth behind it.

  21. mastadon8215 says:

    The last time someone tried to truly make America great.. oddly everything in this speech is against the current admiration's policy.

  22. Göbz E says:

    Oy Vey! (((we))) shut him down

  23. mark beadon says:

    He is not dead. FAKE event. Jimmy Carter is his name

  24. I can listen to him all damn day 🙂

  25. Krush Jones says:

    Since 9/11 we TRUTHERS are classed as SHILLS by the sheeple. Kennedy new what he was talking about and they killed him for it.
    Only a dimwit would believe otherwise.

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