joelbenjamin528 The Flat Earth Hoax Illuminati Government Mind Control & Disinformation


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joelbenjamin528 The Flat Earth Hoax Illuminati Government Mind Control & Disinformation
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25 Responses

  1. Noyselee Yo says:

    You failed. The earth is flat.

  2. EddieBee83 says:

    Well, you didn't disable ratings because you got a ton of likes, smh.

  3. Shrinking sun setting behind an atmospheric horizon just for you.

  4. wow this guy lost the ability to think critically

  5. Terry Church says:

    16 ads, blinged up materialist. Not a great first impression but hey, I decide give it a try. Then he rambles to himself for 2 minutes. Finally starts talking properly and starts boasting about all the messages he gets from Twittter, Instagram, Youtube etc. Semlls like shill, is probably shill. Bye, bye.

  6. there's NO historical EVIDENCE for Socrates

  7. No wonder flat earthers receive no funding. People don't want to blow money on bad science and pay for stupidity.

  8. Hayden H says:

    Biblical Cosmology, research it and be set free from the cult of scientism and theories.

  9. Hayden H says:

    All Bible believing folks can walk by faith or by sight. The globe made us go around the sun that they worship. Hebrew Cosmology is true.

    Your commentary is foolish and shows how much the NWO has you braincleansing. You will make a great drone.

  10. Hayden H says:

    Biblical Cosmology is true and not the theory we came from apes. Research this and be set free government lies. That is why NASA was created and is a hoax! The sun.and moon are the same size by chance? NO! Earth is flat.

  11. this is a clear sign that the conscious community is about to get swallowed up by this movement. the black conscious community needs nasa to survive. knowing damn well we ain't been to the moon. You getting requests about this because it makes more sense than what we were told in the conscious community. sooner or later we all have to grow up. the people don't want to be followers anymore!!!!! and that is a problem for some obviously.

  12. ismscsim says:

    You are all ready mind controlled:perhaps?. Where is one non cgi picture after almost 60 years of a space program?

  13. busymountain says:

    Proofs TRUMP THINKS ITS FLAT!! See below

    Do with it what you will. Sure looks suspicious. Disclosure?

    I have been following Trumps moves that are in harmony with anything space or NASA related. I am wondering if Trump is opening up a can of worms on purpose with this NASA request. I have several sources that indicate Trump does not believe in the moon landing or even that the earth is round.

    Do with it what you want but it looks like he is draining the swamp on the elite with this. These are some evidences that suggest Trump thinks the earth is flat.

    An astronaut,Richard Cohen telling Trump the earth is inside a big sphere.

    A different Astronaut, Ron Garan, telling Trump "not to go crazy draining the swamp" and "NO, THE EARTH IS NOT FLAT".

    AP Charles Darr interviews Trump as reported on CNN October 31,2016.
    Darr – "will you be funding NASA"
    Trump – "I fly a lot and think I would know if the world was round……..these people have an agenda, you know who they are". etc…..

    Interviewer later asks Elon Musk to react to Trumps saying the the earth was flat to which Musk replies "I am moving to Mars"

    New Trump Science and Tech advisor, Dave Gelernter and Yale University Professor as interviewed by World News Daily said basically the Moon landing was the biggest fraud in history.

  14. Zeek M says:

    Change this fake tittle , Flat Earth is NOT a Hoax

  15. tygrrclaw says:

    I'm going to cut your microphone if you prove me wrong bro ???? bro continue, I gotta stop you bro ?????ok go bro!!! I gotta cut your ? bro. ??? Worst shit I ever seen.

  16. Thanks for the discussion I needed the discernment! That guy from the uk was just using because I said so tactics…not knowledge

  17. King James says:

    Who paid you bruh? You sound like another government agent…lol common sense tells me everything I need to know and I know through my own research as well that the earth is flat. We are tired of the lies!

  18. Allen Bey says:

    Trump represents Hitler but Clinton didn't? Open up your pineal glands fuckin niggers.

  19. Allen Bey says:

    Who debunked it ghetto watermelon eating get over on your own ppl when it's convenient for you niggas?

  20. Allen Bey says:

    You're doing the over talking with your emotional ass.

  21. Allen Bey says:

    You mute the man's mic because you avoiding the man's question. Don't want to hear shit but yours. You piece of work blood clot pussy boy. The original scripts comes from ethopia. Look through a telescope my nigga and you would see the so called round planets change shape.

  22. Allen Bey says:

    So damn emotional when you cut off ppl and try to convey your bullshit. And not answering questions.

  23. Allen Bey says:

    Nigga you're so full of shit! Cutting the man off while he's trying to speak.

  24. Allen Bey says:

    The bible describes the earth as being unmovable. The English man is right. Angry nigga.

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