JOHN PILGER A WORLD WAR 3 HAS BEGUN BREAK THE SILENCE Renowned Australian journalist and film-maker John Pilger is shooting his new film in the …


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  1. Thank you John Pilger ~

  2. AtaeDionysus says:

    Very eye opening. Most of the information from outside the US is overwhelmed by cheap domestic media.

  3. Char Beltran says:

    Thank you….if we had more brave journalists like Mr. Pilger and had access to their presentations, perhaps 'we the people' of America could see the truth a bit more clearly

  4. PILGER the last vestige of a civilized caring society. Nothing but a PILE OF OBAMA/CLINTON SHIT remains today. But I can assure you SHIT ALWAYS gets thrown out.

  5. May more humanitarians like Pilger speak out soon.
    Thank you for posting video and Pilger for his truths.

  6. shedasaurus says:

    11.40 min He says "Trumps views on immigration are grotesque' and then goes on to name some other governments viz. England and Australia. Big elephant in the room here, why did he not mention the hundred other countries world wide who have more "Grotesque" immigration policies than the west. With the finger pointing Middle East topping that list. This man hates his own people and is a media hog. I stopped watching there. You do not whinge about propaganda then spread your own form of it. Bye Bye John Pillock

  7. Thank you John Pilger

  8. Jay B says:

    Pilger is all about self promotion. He's a hypocrite; the king of spreading propaganda. While I can give many examples, here is just one. He states and I quote, "Trumps views on immigration are grotesque." All Trump wants to do is enforce the current immigration policy and deport people who are in America illegally. Key word here being "illegally." Enforcing immigration law is not grotesque. Trump has stated he is in favor of immigration as long as it's legal. ISIS states they will take advantage of the lax immigration policies of Obama and Hillary and I believe them. Why would any intelligent American want what is happening in Europe with the immigration crisis to take place in America. I care about immigrants; however, I care about my family more. Trump understands the importance of placing America first; John Pilger is ignorant to the immigration crisis in Europe and only cares about himself and promoting his new film. People like John Pilger disgust me by spreading lies and propaganda.

  9. ole pilger has been spouting the same pish for years. same as chomsky n pals.

  10. Tracey Onus says:

    Thank goodness the world still has honest, truthful and caring journalist that actually report what is going on in this capitalist pig world that is enabled by millions of moronic sheep that can't think past there commercial television station or newspapers to see what is going on around them.

  11. martiniac2 says:

    Good speech I like that, we need more speech like that. Wake up folks before it's to late!

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