John Pilger: Washington prepares for World War III


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  1. The international bankers rule the world.
    I hope Trump will audit the Federal Reserve Bank and put it under Congressional Control.
    Bring back the Lincoln Greenback.

  2. RJs Artworks says:

    America the whore of Babylon is the joke of the world and will suffer soon thanks to the demons in charge. Something BIG is on its way and hopefully the sheeple of America and the rest of the world will open their eyes before it arrives.

  3. Femwolf1111 says:

    This obama character acting as a president(CEO) of the United States, Incorporated, has brought the final blow to this bankrupt foreign corporation, we the people no longer need this Corporation, which will be liquidated and given back to whom they stole from! Then all corrupt corporations and franchises will answer for all their crimes against humanity! So it is, so shall it be done, and as my magician friend says ABRACADABRA!!!!!!!!! (I create with my speak)

  4. Lhasa Sharp says:

    America can NOT win a war where Russia and China work together with also Iran who would LOVE to have a crack at America.America has not made the brightest decisions in the past 2 decades, which is an understatement. But i doubt they would be THIS stupid.

  5. HyborianAge says:

    The world and Americans hate the US government. What now?

  6. Obama wants to bully Russia, China and Israel into accepting an IMF restructuring deal just the same as the big bank bailout over which he presided in 2009. It's join the dollar deal or die. No wonder people think he's the Antichrist.

  7. jason bourne says:

    i wouldnt put ash carter in charge of the local chook raffle lol……

  8. I was with John Pilger at first, until he jumped the shark. I'm puzzled as to how he can categorize Trump as one of the warmongers. He was against going into Iraq in 2003, and is against military adventurism in general. He's expressed a preference for cooperating with Russia rather than the current policy of demonization and confrontation.

  9. adam madmax says:

    america tries so hard but are pissed off russia is not flinching a bit.

  10. I realised long ago that Obama was really just a puppet.

  11. Erg Budster says:

    Singling out Obama again. People got to get over this obsession with the individual. It ain't Obama, it ain't Putin, it ain't Cameron, it ain't whomever. It's the various oligarchies–gangs of super rich rentier parasites that control from the top down. If the transition from Bush to Obama taught anything it should have taught that the actor in the WH is just that: an actor in the WH. Currently the Atlanticist oligarchs are auditioning a new actor mouthpiece for the WH. But it is soooo much easier just to blame the figurehead and stop the difficult analysis of the entire rotten system.

  12. A choice between a maniac and a maniac is not a choice
    This is how democracy dies

  13. Kortik says:

    11:12 Russians did not unwisely put missiles in Cuba in 1962. They did it because USA put nukes in Turkey prior to October 1962, why don't you say that fact.
    Turkey is located south of USSR divided by the Black Sea so how is that unwisely that USSR put nukes in Cuba. It was wise, remove missiles from Turkey end of discussion.
    and stop pretending that USA is a righteous country it is NOT.

  14. Great interview thank you

  15. piroska49 says:

    American press is JEW OWNED, NOT FREE

  16. Sun Rain says:

    The situation is dire. The US is intent on total war.

  17. ArkTiger4c says:


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