Journeys From Beyond – Full UFO Documentary – 1975


An accomplished and surprisingly encompassing film. Early in the film a significantly important question is asked “What is the connection between UFOs and …


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  1. Alien Roots says:

    Friendly Aliens are sharing messages with us on a daily basis through a process
    called channeling. If you have an open mind feel free to follow the
    following youtube channels Ivan Teller , Pleiadian Professor and
    TheOfficialETWhisperer. By comparing the information these channelers
    provide with each other you will find great similiarities in the
    advanced content. This goes a long way to verify that these people are
    in fact genuine in their approach.

  2. So ghost, psychic phenomena, witches, etc… I came for UFOs mate… what's this bollocks?

  3. It's 2016 they need to update this …
    Ancient Aliens ? As in What have we proven since 1975 .

  4. No such thing as Aliens! JUST A WHOLE LOT OF DEMONS in disguised pushing their LUCIFERIAN AGENDA. They will be DESTROYING or attempt to destroy THE FIRMAMENT!!! This is why it was important to fool the world some 500 years ago into believing that they live on a SPHERE that SPINS around the SUN.
    1. From Roger Bacon to Charles Darwin, all their so called theories ARE ALL LIES!!!
    2. So many other LIES were built upon these LIES!!!
    3. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM WERE MASONS/kabalah zionist.
    4. It was important for them to deceive the masses in order to wean them away from the TRUTH of the Bible, and to suck on the LIES of LUCIFER and his minions instead.
    5. HERE we are in 2016 and we are on the BRINK of LUCIFERIAN DARK AGES AGAIN!

    This time God Almighty will allow the evil to happen for a little bit, before He intercedes. Because of mans wickedness. The END IS AT HAND…REPENT and make JESUS CHRIST your LORD AND SAVIOR. The ONLY TRUTH THAT MATTERS is Christ, Son of God became (John 1:1-14) FLESH, died on the cross and was raised on the third day, was seen by many and is now at the FATHER'S right hand side. Be safe and know that GOD ALMIGHTY loves you.

  5. Bollocks,the film is awesome! Charles Hickson of the Pascagoula abduction of 1973 endorsed by a Gemini astronaut.Stan Friedman,Donald Keyhoe,and plenty of footage and documents and. a cool electronic music soundtrack, make this a very good vintage UFO film.I liked it in the theater (yeah,in the 20th c. you could see some gems in grindhouses)I saw it in,and I still like it.

  6. Bigfoot is called the Hogbear in the Tidewater area of Virginia. "..looks like a bear,smells like a hog."

  7. Wow a remote that goes "click!"that takes me back.

  8. Sam Hancock says:

    WE ARE ALL being deceived.
    RESEARCH Flat Earth

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