Joy Villa wears Trump ” Make America Great Again” Dress at Grammy Awards Grammys 2017


Singer Joy Villa made her arrival at Sunday’s Grammy Awards political by turning President Trump’s campaign slogan into a glitzy gown.

The 25-year-old, who is not nominated, originally appeared in a flowing, conservative white dress and then unveiled her statement-making dress underneath.

The navy-blue dress — with details of red, silver and white — reads “Make America Great Again” along the front, while its train reads “TRUMP” in big, blinged-out letters.

Villa, who describes herself as a “vegan” and a “feminist” in her Twitter bio, immediately sparked a social media storm.


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  1. Sara Lester says:

    I love it it's so cute, and she has far more guts than Madonna and other celebs.

  2. Entregan says:

    Everyone is bashing liberals, but a LBGT liberal from San Diego made the dress ?… People need to do research.

    Goes to show you can fool idiots into buying ANYTHING. Congrats on giving her a million though. She will turn on Trump soon because that's who she is…

  3. Sergei says:

    Real strong woman!

  4. m. jackson says:

    LOVE THE DRESS, good for you, Joy Villa. Progressive liberals are racist, hypocrites and haters who bully all who have a different point of view. Libs show the tolerance and stop bullying. Grammy 2017 a liberal bully fest. CNN FAKE NEWS. CNN SUCKS

  5. Zoe O'Banion says:

    The dress was gorgeous stfu

  6. TheLeast88 says:

    You fucking snowflake cunts are mad, bunch of sensitive ass bitches. Fuck your feelings, we're owning you bitch made mother fuckers. Suck our asses and dicks bitch ass white liberal Nazi pussies.

  7. She is the real fight against the power,, watch he video on bullying she knows what is in store for her. She will be a part of American history whether she likes it or not. The spotlight is her.. I think My great grandkids will here about her.

  8. Beautiful, she will be remembered in 50 years as a historical person.

  9. Ed Thomsen says:

    AWESOME!!!!!and she's HOT!!!

  10. Thank for giving it right back to those loosers, Im puerto rican and I have been on the Trump Train since day one

  11. I'm a black female who voted for our President Trump and I am tired of the intolerance and bullying that goes on towards any person who exercised their God given right and voted for this man. I'd folks were being harassed, bullied and chastised for voting for Barack Obama like they are for Trump all things being equal we as minorities would be the first to cry racism and intolerance and of course our White liberal saviors would follow. Stop the freaken madness! The political process played out so honor it and shut the he'll up! ugh

  12. Again YouTube black trying to make trump look bad for no reasons. We wished we had people like this over in Ireland.

  13. hate racism dislike video like dress love america

  14. Her sales have been skyrocketing ever since.

  15. Ana Casique says:

    her dress was absolutely beautiful and making it a trump dress was magical. thank you joy Villa

  16. msdoza says:

    lol, who is this bitch….LOL….LOL…LOL

  17. Dark Swim says:

    That dress is awesome!!!
    She is either super brave or very foolish. Being that she is a Scientologist, probably very foolish. Not to mention Scientology is an organization determined to bring about a globalist one world government and Trump is the single largest enemy to globalism, so yeah, she's confused and foolish.

  18. Ryan Fowler says:

    Why is this treated as a bad thing. IT'S FUCKING AWESOME!!! If you don't like the dress, then you're just being racist because she's black! 😉

  19. Hmemling2 says:

    The dress was a brilliant PR move. Villa out foxed the left and jumped ahead by being provocative. She has guts and everyone, including you, likes that.

  20. i love u girl.
    you are strong and smart woman.
    my favor girl.

  21. KoDan says:

    I think she just got a million new listeners.

  22. Mi Key says:

    love love love all the way from singapore. respect

  23. Mark Bonner says:

    Her music sales are going through the roof since she wore the Trump dress. Not everyone belongs to the left deranged club.

  24. Zach Duguay says:

    @youtubeblack how did you get 34k views on this?

  25. Vicky A says:

    think this video is written by a liberal HATERS

  26. Entregan says:

    speak facts and they tell you to learn English and other nonsense…

    the same people talking about courageous and love and what-not would've been calling her a 'niccer' if she had any other political views … sorry my autocorrect won't let me say the word.

    What's real amazing is how much talent everyone says she has now and how they've always known her, but why didn't she get invited to sing at the inauguration when everybody was turning it down??? ?

  27. She is supporting the Racist Republicans that hate blacks and Latinos, very sad to see

  28. She is so creative, what a star.

  29. thumbs down to the negativity of this video

  30. Joy Villa and Trump Rock!

  31. holtman2012 says:

    bad ass, smokin hot!

  32. Serena Happy says:

    She s got great timing!! The tide is changing……people are plain sick are tired of programmed robot celebrities' biased negative nasty hate speeches. Now, SHE S FUN & CUTE & a GUTSY gorgeous LADY- that s a long awaited breath of REFRESH in a stuffy Industry. Dare to live! Dare to speak!

  33. Thanks for the video. I'd never heard about her before but now I think I need to buy some of her stuff.

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