“Judgment Day” Israel to Strike Iran, World War 3 (WWIII) – Christ Returns?


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  1. Israel won't be nuked. After attacking the edomite Jew will be moved south out of yisrael and then the Hebrews will be gathered and returned . this is explained in the book of Obadiah. prophecy coming true is still unrealistic and scary even when it's happening before our eyes.

  2. These people push war for their own agenda and then hide behind the bible. I don't think there will be a world war because half the world is broke anyways. The east is rich, the west is broke ; economic warfare instead. Maybe something will happen in syria/damascus cause of prophecy;but its already happening imo

  3. Pakistan is an Islamic nation that possesses nuclear weapons. Why not invade Pakistan? India is 11% Islam. Why not India? China is a communist nation? Why not China? Why not Korea? If a false flag nuke went off anywhere in the world do you believe they would tell you the truth about who created it, who bought it, who sold it, where it really came from & who really set it off? Would the lemmings believe the official story like you all did 9-11? In the Movie "The Sum of all Fears" Jack Ryan is sent in to identify the isotopic signature of a nuke. Do you really believe that you could identify the source of a nuke & all it's handlers & the ones responsible for setting it off by it's so called isotopic signature? All would be dependent on the fairy tales of mainstream media for the alternative media would all be shut off.

  4. Ga5524 says:

    So, Isreal along with the US are threats to peace. Interesting. And yet, not surprising. Michelle Bachmann's going to be disappointed when her pre-tribulation rapture goes sour.

  5. Tony M says:

    This would be more relevant if the State of Israel were the Israel of God. WWIII? Perhaps. Another step towards the second coming? Yes. But we should not place all of our focus on the State of Israel into the context of end times prophecy.

  6. The Bible doesn't say we should support Israel, This link to a video explains it better than I can in text.


    and this link –



  7. glinnz05 says:

    I dont believe Isreal will attack Iran, The pope will have the U.S do it, we over throw all nations for the vatican in order to set the pope up for his new world order, thats why we have romeland security, oops, homeland security…gotta go puke, see ya later…

  8. glinnz05 says:

    to my earlier comment about having to hurl, I meant no offense to Bible or traditions, I just believe the pope will us the U.S to accomplish all his missions ,an then he will take us out……

  9. Learn to recognise the work of the evil one by the wars you see arising everywhere; the wicked laws introduced in almost every nation, which deny the Word of God; and the betrayal of Jesus Christ by those who say they represent Him, when they sit back and do nothing to proclaim His Holy Word. Learn also to recognise the hatred shown to God’s chosen souls because then you will know the difficult mission, which has been given to them, so they can remind the world that God’s Love is still alive.

  10. aTruster says:

    Psalm 33:10 Yah Veh bringeth the counsel of the heathen to nought: He maketh the devices of the people of none effect''.

  11. obama is a traitor against the u.s. and needs to b held accountable…fuckin nwo puppet.

  12. Clive Harper says:

    American's need to be stopped posting proper gander they are the cancer

  13. annastesia67 says:

    barry was always a muslim

  14. muslims to u are terorist but for your knowlege jewish and israeli people are bigger terrosit in front arabs and muslims

  15. Ali Reza says:

    Israel is a land populated by those who say they are jews but are not. Jesus was a black man, all the early pictures showed him as such. Those of you following this new european Jesus are following a false idol. The scriptures say that Jesus will gather Israel and return them to the land. The curse of Deuteronomy did not apply to the jews of modern Israel. The only people taken away into slavery on ships and iron chains for four hundred years and experienced the curse item for item are black americans. Ancient Assyrian, Egyptian and Hittite art shows pictures of Hebrews and they are clear black people. The Bible tells us that the feet of Jesus were the color of burnt brass and that his hair was like white wool. If you are not following this man than who are you following? The Bible also tells you that the Ashkenazi and Sephardim were not from the bloodline of Jacob. They were taught the Hebrew religion in Babylon to tame them from their wicked ways. Either the people doing this report are ignorant or they mean to deceive.

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