Julie’s Allotment – New arrivals & First Egg – 25th March 2016


Today I add 3 more hens to my flock, receive my first egg, nearly had another as new arrivals laid an egg in the car but it broke which may be why the hen is a …


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  1. Mike Hurdiss says:

    Very jealous. Wish I had chickens.Looks like they're in very good hands Julie!

  2. Your first egg, yay! They look very good Julie?

  3. Ooooh congratulations Julie!! :)

  4. chris fry says:

    They sure look happy, and so do you. I can see this was fun for you after all the work. You did a great job.

  5. John Laden says:

    I wouldn't have took those other 3 mature hens in to be honest Julie for lots of reasons, the 6 pullets were just getting settled into their new home.

  6. MuddyBootz says:

    Great news with the first egg.?
    Never heard of an artist called Mucky Bottom? ????????

  7. mick watson says:

    The chicken whisperer, I like it!! Many more eggs to come¬!¬!

  8. Linda Penney says:

    Awesome update Julie thank you for sharing have a blessed day and happy Easter

  9. you should really quarantine new hens before putting them with the rest for a few days in case they have anything wrong with them.

  10. hi Julie it may be a good idea if not already done to give a course of worm treatment i worm mine regularly with medicated layer pellets. All looking good well done you

  11. Wow, more hens lol!! Well Done Julie there all lucky girls and your first egg in time for Easter, hugs x

  12. well done Julie. I hope the new ones fit in..its not usual  practice to add hens to an existing lot…because they can be attacked by others but I'm presuming all will be ok. Glad you got eggs! Wont be long before they all start! Thanks for showing us your new arrivals.

  13. Great to have your first egg Juli. How did it break?

  14. Have you, mum and dad eaten them yet?

  15. Oh you lucky lady, can't wait form mine now.. Happy Easter to you and your parents. Hugs x

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