Justin Bieber New TV Documentary!



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  1. xchemx says:

    awesome im first!

  2. xchemx says:

    i wanna c it 😀

  3. PokeTopic says:

    Another one? Is 1 enough?

  4. SangtotheDy says:

    Yeah i thought so too

  5. will footage from norway be shown in the documentary? (:

  6. twiblue5 says:

    I can't wait for it to come out!!!

  7. oh yeah… i can't wait to see it… i think he'd have everyone in his team in the documentary (ryan, kenny, scooter, pattie, jeremy, maybe jazmine and jaxon) and just him and his daily routeen thanking his fans for everything we've done (as he should lol) i love justin and i can't wait to see it!!!! AND I CAN'T BELEIVE THIS ONLY HAS 90 VIEWS RIGHT NOW, it'll come up (: i'm so excited, it's already marked in my phone (: <3

  8. crap i wont be heree fml -__- i wana watch it soooo freakin bad!

  9. Whens it coming on?


  11. NWY says:

    obviously they didn't

  12. That was such a fake wmile at the begging… Dont think im hating. Yes i am male but i do like justin bieber as a singer and i think an actor but ya that smile was fake.

  13. Megan Palmer says:

    Will it be in the uk???

  14. Safia Arsala says:

    Who's watching in 2015?

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