Kanye deconstructed: The human voice as the ultimate instrument


Kanye West’s music orbits around the power and flexibility of the human voice.

Special thanks to Martin Connor. More of his hip hop analysis can be found here: http://www.rapanalysis.com/

Here’s a spotify playlist for some select Kanye West tracks.


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47 Responses

  1. lol awn says:

    his use on autotune is obvious

  2. That was dope! a great breakdown of Kanye's music!

  3. Amirul Ikram says:

    still live in lip sync

  4. M K says:

    Love this with all of my heart. An ode to REAL musicians.

  5. Siraj Raval says:

    vox's editing is world class, so inspiring for my videos

  6. one of my favorite videos I've ever seen

  7. kan ye not says:

    That song with t pain and the synthesising effects is a sample from Michael Jackson's song 'P.Y.T'

  8. Okay, yeah. Pretty amazing dude

  9. Now I respect him as an artist. I can not hate what I understand.

  10. Jack Lee says:

    Logic is the white version of kanye

  11. Eric Taylor says:

    Good and interesting video. Thank u Vox)

  12. A Mehta says:

    dudes at the top of my list, changed my life

  13. MLG Dorito says:

    anyone know how to make that star back ground effect?

  14. Eric Graf says:

    what's the song called that kicks in at 4:13??

  15. C Sin says:

    Does anyone know what song is it @4:08

  16. AceLobster says:

    lol why all these comments defending Kanye like I'm pretty sure no or hates him anymore lol

  17. Sam Lewis says:

    this has left me with a huge amount of respect for Kanye, people say he's arrogant, but he's earned the right to brag about his art

  18. ヨキ将軍 says:

    This is such a great video honestly

  19. Madz says:

    title of the track that drops at 2:12?

  20. James Rae says:

    Glorifying him like he invented music or something. Pft.

  21. Now i know why Porter Robinson is inspired by Kanye

  22. Isela says:

    kanye is a genius

  23. Amy Jones says:

    What song is this from? 1:03

  24. Jovis says:

    2:53 haha thats actually the slowed-down ending of Michael Jackson's "P.Y.T" song… pretty much what vaporware does, amirite

  25. manu bonanno says:

    Where's kid cudi in this video?

  26. doogdoogdoog says:

    Typically excellent video from youse guys, great work.

    One thing, 4:50 isn't a vocoder; it's just autotune with loads of distortion.

  27. IbrmT Ayb says:

    Has anyone ever thought that Kanye is going through a mid life crisis

  28. Kirk Harris says:

    i love music. this man is helping ruin rap for everyone. go back to the golden age of hip hop, everyone sounded different and amazing, im sorry guys this guys got ya fooled, his lyrics are horrible and mist of the time make no sense. seriously his fan base must be mostly very young.

  29. I am so happy I stumbled upon this. Brava.

  30. this is one of my favorite videos ever

  31. Egzon Gashi says:

    keep coming to this video

  32. i am evan says:

    What's the song at 1:01? I Shazamed it and it came up as some random song that came out like a month ago.

  33. What is that beat they used at the end of the video?

  34. Duy Bảo says:

    love this video so much !! thank you Vox for making this video <3

  35. Beau Trahan says:

    Do one on why 2pac was so great

  36. oh my God I forgot how beautiful his music is. Im crying a little. I can't believe I forgot

  37. lav gupta says:

    Wow raper is only the one u r love u may god bless u bro

  38. do Michael Jackson pleace

  39. Domini Gai says:

    wow… feel in love with KW all over again

  40. thats his methods, certainly unique, but not the great artist the flock wants to make him

  41. Amir Baker says:

    Awfully and entirely blown away!

  42. Mihkel Raag says:

    Wow, such a good vid, thnx Vox!

  43. pinonXO says:

    I love this video !!!
    Runaway is top 5 in my list !!!

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