Kanye West Illuminati Exposed What The Game Does (Short 6 Min Documentary)


This is a short clip, probably one of the deepest I’ve seen and because the end is so near and Jesus is soon to return I think it is best that you be informed and …


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  1. LK2H says:

    rip kanye west

    (illuminati are gonna kill him)

  2. we need to pray for kanye west, he knows jesus, he knows the way but he's lost himself and the illuminati got him.

  3. @01022311 Praying for you!

  4. how the fuck is worshipping something going to change anything you fucking retards

  5. @gingerbasher22 Praying for you God is able to deliver you

  6. Kris Johnson says:

    Soooo….today, in October, 2011, how do we explain Kanye West cozying up to the idiots in the "Occupy Wall Street" so-called protest? If ever there was evil, that's IT.

  7. Kris Johnson says:

    If the events of late are the signal for the return of Jesus Christ, why didn't he come back during the MANY times in history when there was just as great a crisis in the world? Don't count your chickens before they hatch. I wouldn't do anything rash, like go out and give away everything you own.

  8. The devil is the people who control all of us through religion, politics, the media ( professional sports, television programming, news, music….), economic bullshit, planned wars and destruction of human lives and property. If there really was a loving God/Father, do you think would allow the psychopaths to be in control? Slavery has been going throughout the history of mankind. Religion enslaves the mind. It's fake and a control mechanism used to enslave. Study sacred geometry.

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