Karen Carpenter at her Anorexic Worst – Anorexia Nervosa – Part 1


August 10, 1981 A skeletal and obviously anorexic Karen Carpenter speaks with Joan Lunden on ABC’s Good Morning America in this very hard-to-watch …


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  1. John Smith says:

    Vote for TRUMP! Who really needs another 4 years of another democrat to put this country In a deeper hole than it is!

  2. Just so heartbreaking.

  3. Anak Pawis says:

    karen still beautiful no matter what…

  4. cromerbeach says:

    Should be ashamed of themselves interviewing her but you have to remember little was known bck then about anorexia and that its serious mental illness ,people were probably saying man she's definately been over doing the dieting take her out for a burger ,just not that simple is it .

  5. Cozycriter says:

    Terrible how Karen looks here. Clearly she is sick and suffering from her eating disorder. ? What a terrible shame to lose such a talent and a pity her mother was such an uncaring b*tch who favored her brother. Karen, your music and voice live on. ? (To the poster: Don't ask me to vote in your stupid poll. That's a rather insensitive thing to ask of anyone given the serious nature of ED's and the fatal consequences to Karen. Show some respect for her memory).

  6. Curtis Jones says:

    Rip Karen. You had a beautiful voice.

  7. vicvod says:

    Luckily I have not been touched by this baffling and hideous disease. No friend or family member of mine has been taken by it's horrible grip. If they ever are, how do you not just want to grab them and scream PLEASE EAT! We should still be listening to that voice today.

  8. Marina Smith says:

    It's okay to be thin if that's how you are naturally,what's not okay is to starve yourself to get that way .just my opinion .

  9. Lisa Koler says:

    oh, wow, I have never seen this interview. I had a girlfriend going through anorexia nervosa at this time. This is so sad to see, Karen is one of the best singers ever. God Bless her soul!

  10. Poor Karen. Continue to rest in peace girlie. we all still love ya down here.

  11. artistmark says:

    She was treated in New York by a psycho therapist, Leveronkon or something like that, which included family counseling, was later hospitalized in New York by the therapist after dehydrating and gained 25 to 30 pounds back mostly with intravenous feeding.. This was in the fall of 1982. She quit the treatment in New York too soon  and moved back to California and went back into her routine. She looked better and most thought she was cured, but for 60 days or so prior to her death she was taking Ipecac, a vomiting inducing drug which slowly killed her. You can google all this and read all the details. This therapist wrote a book about it.

  12. She got like this just because a reporter said she was looking fat! I looked at pics of her younger, where do you ever see she's fat???? I blame him for her death.

  13. Her brother did not got three flying fucks about his sister.

  14. kissed61 says:

    They say tv adds 10 pds , yikes!

  15. Poor Karen. She must have been so sad inside to do this to herself. Its heartbreaking

  16. thank you Marissa , I always wondered about her

  17. that's hard to watch, as it should be…Thanks again

  18. Wow! Over ONE MILLION video views. Karen is very popular! :)

  19. Terri D says:

    That is so sad, she looks like a skeleton. :(

  20. MrCalboy1 says:

    is it my imagination or did Karen seemed somewhat annoyed with Richard for dominating the conversation?? He acted like she wasn't even present at times..and she obviously was very ill !!

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