Katrina, The New Orleans Nightmare : Documentary on the Devastation of Hurricane Katrina


Katrina, The New Orleans Nightmare : Documentary on the Devastation of Hurricane Katrina. …


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  1. Citrine 7 says:

    Hurricane Katrina was a natural disaster but, the officials like governor Blanco, President Bush and Michael Brown planned this devastation on the people of color in New Orleans through pretentious protocol. They all knew, the poor Black people could not afford too evacuate furthermore, they knew that the levees wouldn't hold and were not stable. Pay close attention too governor Blanco facial expressions.When a liar or a perpetrator is plotting and telling a lie they can barely look you in the face or in her case the camera.This was planned;I know that now.  Governor Blanco is a lying racist heifer; she knew. The trumpet player Ruffin is in denial. He's concerned about New Orleans "swingin' again" yet, the people his people have no place to stay.

  2. we should all be ready to grab a backpack and go. I would rather be away from everyone else during a disaster.

  3. Mancheeze says:

    Amazing that such a rich country allows it's own citizens to suffer the way these people suffered. I can't stand the powers that be that KNEW this hurricane could potentially do this but of course, lazy men don't care about anything but their own ego and so poor people and disabled suffered tremendously while the men in power sat on their asses. This is horrific.

  4. I bet next time they tell you to leave, you will!

  5. Jolie Harris says:

    New Orleans survives today thanks to its people who refused to let her die and thousands upon thousands of volunteers from this country and around the world that could not imagine a world without a New Orleans. Lesson from Katrina: haters do what they do best-hate. But the true heart of this nation is pure and good. They want to help people in pain. Thank you all from the very bottom of my heart.

  6. Tom Dagenais says:

    How so many people can watch this video and try to blame one group over another, colossal failure everywhere, including residents who did not leave the city, idiotic media reporting false stories and politicians refusing to work  together because they don't want to suffer the embarrassment of appearing weak. Bottom line, people should have taken responsibility for themselves, helped each other out and public officials should have left politics out of it. the bigger disaster was the response of the citizens to the hurricane than anything else, what a bunch of hypocrites.

  7. Callie H says:

    Bullshit politics and bureaucratic red tape when people were suffering and dying !!

  8. mack ron says:

    this was a great documentary thank you and that's coming from someone who is an filmmaker.

  9. Sean Gregory says:

    I've noticed, why do Americans have this combative culture and always refer to things as a "battle (cancer)", "assault" , "war on (drugs)."
    Genuine question, we don't have this same approach in the U.K.

  10. I'm from Pass Christian, MS and there was a 28 ft surge that almost wiped the city of the map

  11. Emily Webb says:

    Okay, let's quit blaming people. Let's quit making racist comments, because i'm so sick of reporting them. Let's show some compassion for the people who have been killed.

  12. Ann Marie says:

    THEY did this!! They're manipulate the weather! Using BEAST MACHINES! such as HAAP, CERN ,CHEMTRAILS, ECT… They're killing all YAHOUSHUA! The Most High! Beautiful Animals! They want to RECREATE The Big Bang Theory!!!( Of course they want us DEAD!) Theory being the key word! They're causing all of these UN Natural Disasters!!! They are Mad Men!!!They're Serial Killers! We all know who THEY are! All we have to do is let their Pyramid Fall! And all the Evil jesters will come falling down! Everything they say is a lie! They are the Great Deceivers! They Ride The Beast! This will happen again, and again!! 'Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Nuclear explosion,Typhoons, Tsunamis, the list of MAN MADE disasters goes on, and on!!!
    All glory To The Most High!

  13. The shitiest spot in the western hemisphere to build a city

  14. Luckily I live in Washington state where I am safe WITH THE MOUNTAINS

  15. Ebony Cortes says:

    Why rescue hurricane victims with assault rifles and guns?

  16. During Katrina, first off, how could any basic physical requirements be met for many? When dead bodies are floating around you and your infrastructure is utterly destroyed, and unhealthy conditions are all around you, as well as your home or shelter is just not there, your clothes are wet and dirty, the smell must have been horrific, when there was no clean water, when you areafraid to sleep, and cannot find warmth, then basic needs are not met Any food that you mayhave found might kill you from being contaminated by all the raw sewer and fuels, just to name afew, mixed with fluids from many rotten corpses, some human., some animal this situation, musthave made many lose touch with reality. Some must have thought it was the end of, the world.Some of those who survived, may have already had psychological problems, and the tragedyallowed for them to give into whatever sick reactions they had.I’m sure some people were victimized by quite a few of those type of people. The fact that therewas not enough food, and many people were suffering from lack of sleep, paints a picture in mymind of just about everyone touched by the Katrina tragedy was temporarily, in the least, insane,and if one was to compare Katrina with Maslow’s theory, these actions were by some out ofdesperation, while others took full advantage of the situation and committed horrific crimes. Thisfits in perfectly with Maslow's theory because the smell and pollution in the air made it difficultfor some people to breathe.      Although they could breath, it must have been tough with the random toxic vapors that couldbe floating by, in the water, or the air.* the need to drink water (during Katrina, the water sources were contaminated)* the need to regulate homeostasis (without medications, and with all the stress, and withoutshelter and clean dry clothes, and blankets, jackets and the like, bodily functions, along withblood pressure levels, must have been compromised)* the need to eat (Most food was destroyed or contaminated, so malnutrition was a factor, thismust have been terrible for diabetics, and those who were still growing, such as infants, thosethat survived)* the need to dispose of bodily wastes (I suppose the victims of Katrina had no choice but to goto the toilet, but the toilet was all around them. Situations like this are incredibly terrible not justfor human and animal, and insect life, but on plant life and the soil in general. The effects ofwhich will be felt for generations to come, even with clean-up efforts under way)     None the less these are the reasons I see Maslow’s theories as thoroughly explaining an issuesuch as looting after a natural disaster as Hurricane Katrina. One needs to take into account thatthere are some who may have actually traveled there from somewhere else just to commit crimeand take advantage of those devastated. This also shows the need to be well prepared and readyfor such disasters, but also shows why these basic needs should be made the law of the landeverywhere. I may use different terminology, such as layman’s terms, but I believe I haveexplained my views and acquired knowledge concerning the subject in an easy to understand forthe average human. Some of the criminals were just that. Some of the crimes may have beencommitted by people lacking meds needed. Most would agreerapes and murder go beyond basic motivation. Some people may have lost their mind fromcontamination and malnutrition. Other folks may have witnessed loved ones being killed andtherefore, lost grip with reality. Being more prepared we could have that security need met alongwith all the others. It would seem that more effort should have been made to assist those in need.I would say as one who studied some basic economics, that with all the billions going out of thecountry in aide, it was disappointing to see such a seemingly low budget effort.     Now I’m aware many people were indeed trying to help and many in government may havedone what they could with some opposition of unknown origin, but on a whole it wasdisappointing to many.

  17. Ann Marie says:

    This is a psychological, and climate WARFARE! White people live in New Orleans too! They lost everything too! They are suffering too! This is happening to both white, and black people! Stop trying to make this about race!

  18. niggahz be like, "GADDAMM! DERE BE NO CHICKEN IN DIS BITCH!!"

  19. Yandere Chan says:

    The hurricane was on my birthday.. August 24th but I was born in 2001 :|

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