Katy Perry – I Sold My Soul to The Devil / Illuminati Exposed


Katy Perry – I Sold My Soul to The Devil / Illuminati Exposed E-Mail: TheBiggestReason@gmail.com —- For any video feedback / suggestions etc The main …


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  1. I hat her so much thank you for telling me

  2. hate this satanic whore, thanks for making these vids

  3. I wonder where your accent from? great job 🙂 I am a Nigerian /American. so much better music out there they're not recognize if u want! Google artist King) Baba James) Song title: dreams and doctor infact great songs all of the album. I heard dreams on the radio hits3fm since then I'm hooked. we don't have to listen to overated so called pop music

  4. 333 333 says:

    the woman who Interviewed her had upside down cross earrings

  5. roger twitty says:

    it is not what comes in our mouths that defiles us,it is what comes out of our mouths guys look at your comments ,we are Christian and I understand you're frustrated we still must act like it at all times.GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU .JESUS IS LORD. ALL LIVES MATTER

  6. Alicia Muir says:

    This woman can't sing for shit. No artist of today can. These people are sell-outs. Not one has real talent

  7. The King says:

    Illuminati BITCH!

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