Katy Perry’s Illuminati Dark Horse Grammy Performance Explained


The connection is obvious, Please educate yourself on this and do the research. LINKS BELOW FOR RESEARCH! – RESEARCH “DIA”. DIA Horse of the …


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  1. Ahsan Khan says:

    Satan needs to get his shit together so please Satan suck my balls

  2. Fatass Fatty says:

    Came here for a good laugh.

  3. what the aq says:

    talking about a video- which have 1Mr views – with 1M view

  4. DakoLasso says:

    Yes because Katy Perry's intentions are to worship Satan even though she doesnt even believe in him lmfao. its all a fucking metaphor. But judge her all you want, you are no better

  5. Chelsi Chun says:

    I see a clowns face in the mushroom explosions!!

  6. Remember, there is no light without darkness; no positive without negative; it is the yin and the yang; a beautiful balance of grey…

  7. Dude you are such a fake and you oviously watch way too much tv.

  8. tuma dre says:

    Ooops, another looney video

  9. xviiv says:

    There's only one person in the entire universe who can stop them. He will. But first…. brace yourself

  10. lotte wright says:

    Katy is perfect leave her be

  11. So basically I am a part of illuminati if I put up any triangles

  12. Spork Man says:

    The illuminati are going to do something like 9/11 and blame it on Isis then start a war that will turn REALY horrible because remember the us sorry Isis has chemical and biological weapons like AUAG (Australian anthrax) and that will be the start of population reduction so remember fight back.

  13. True. one of their plans is to turn people against Islam because Islam is the only enemy of Satan. if you hate Islam that means they are succeded, don't let them succeed…

  14. Jay0321 says:

    LOL!!!  Top new agents of darkness for their agenda.  I managed to walk in the house and this load of dung was playing.  If you let youtube play all day, you never know what kind of looney toon stuff will be on.

  15. Angel Wright says:

    Travis scott has a song that mentions echelon

  16. you guys are scooooo lost on this Armageddon ideology. ..Daniel and Revelation is talking about AD 70..

  17. Will Liu says:

    How about she just used it to get more attention and through that attention to make more money instead of this bullshit?

  18. The apocalypse is a thinning of the veils. Isn't that what we want?

    That's what you get at dictionary.com. Often the words we use
    in common speech have VERY different originations. From the Greek
    "apokalupsis" it means revelation; from the word "apokaluptein" it means to uncover.

    AND Apoc means epoch… a Mayan Great Cycle

    “A transformation, triggered by the completion of the
    Great Cycle has already taken place, signalled by a shift in
    the resonating frequency; this shift announces the end of the
    Great Cycle and gives a premonition of the brilliance of our
    galactic, solar and planetary reality in the following era
    which begins with 2012 AD.

    So (and The Bible alludes to it in many places) the Apocalypse is the transition from The Age Of Pisces into The Age Of Aquarius and the ONLY thing that's bad for is the ego… and "The Elite". Of course there are messages of fear, ego has held the power for epochs (apocs) and doesn't want to lose it. What better way to keep control than to implant the idea that The Apocalypse means death?

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