KEEMSTAR VS PYROCYNICAL DRAMA – WORLD WAR 3 OVER A SIMPLE DISCLAIMER? (RANT) Hello guys it’s Sive here with my very on commentary/rant …


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  1. HAMESKII says:

    nice video :)

  2. [TS]Brownie says:

    Great video! I feel this brings up a lot of valid points! I am neutral on this whole situation but I feel like keemstar has blown this way out of proportion.

  3. Niilo leh says:

    ur voice is weird…. i like it =)

  4. SpartanHusky says:

    good points m80

  5. If you ever get accused of being a pyro copy, I would attribute it to the magenta in your avatar… Just a suggestion that you should change that color to maybe stand out… not saying youre a pyro copy, just saying people might use that against you in the future. Love the video though, Subbed… :)

  6. bbomg02 says:

    That moment when you saw the drama in real time and cringed…..

  7. i didn't even know about this you make good point man though keemstar isnt the cleanest
    insta sub man liking your vids man

  8. This video was very well done factual and smart we need more stuff like this here more subs to you buddy

  9. fucked gplus says:

    so far, good audio and good point! ? signature accent ✔

  10. Sive says:

    Loving the amount of support you're giving me guys! – Do you think I should commentate/rant more? What content would you like to see on my channel?

    Don't forget to leave a like + Share with your friends!


    – Sive

  11. Love this video good job man

  12. ANDY123SON says:

    Great video man! earned a new subscriber :)

  13. couldnt have put it better myself

  14. Ramo says:

    he's still in 4th grade lmao

  15. Ronan Halpin says:

    You could be the next leafy or pyrocynical. I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing, but you make good content. Keep up the good work!

  16. Jayce Silvea says:

    I share your opinion and thus I subscribe. Keep up the good work.

  17. Great vid mang, good to see someone reporting on this. Couldn't find any video on it lol

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