I talk with Keith Hunter about his theory regarding the 360 day year (original 60 base number system used by the Illuminati Magicians) to select days for their …


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  1. madda2012 says:

    the sound is terrible ?

  2. carl clark says:

    Gerald Clark says the Anunnaki use a 60 number system.Claims they are the hidden hand behind all the chaos in the world.Ancient myth about the only thing we have to explain the psychopathic behavior of world leaders.With Clinton/Trump in the wings it will only get more surreal

  3. I trust this guys thinking more than Kerry's" back channel" information.

  4. JYL says:

    The moon is on the 260 day cycle. Venus is on a 225 day or 584 day cycles

  5. Ozghicman says:

    1013 is everywhere in movies

  6. July 18 2016 is the opening day of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland Ohio.

  7. B H says:

    Mr Cati who has a YT channel has many insights using a number system. Check his channel out. MrCati

  8. As much as I enjoy Project Camelot videos I don't understand why Kerry Cassidy tends to let her guests (who are always very educated on their chosen subjects) speak for an hour or so before she interjects and shoots down most of what they have told her. This is usually done by telling the speaker that someone else has given her conflicting information which she is inclined to agree with.

    The Gary Heseltine interview for example was actually quite awkward to watch because of Kerry arguing with him.

    A better format would be to let the guests speak without interrupting them and then film a separate Kerry Cassidy summary that can be added to the end of the videos where Kerry gets to have her say without disrupting the flow.

  9. K Saunders says:

    Great stuff. I'm gonna watch this again!

  10. Peter Pan says:

    Nice show, but how can a man with such a high IQ still believe in heliocentrism with a ball earth??????

  11. X73-ANDRE' says:

    As I X73-ANDRE' THE 73RD POWER THE GOD OF THE SPIRITUAL WORLD I say I heard the mind of GOD and GOD told me that the united states will always be a piece of crap country.

    The united states need to stay their corrupt butts in Iraq and afghanistan forever. The united states of america is too over populated, war is a must.

    The united states wanted a brain war, well they got one, they got one with GOD.

    Having the greatest gift to ever exist
    which is that I can control time is great. It's great to be GOD.

  12. Albatrosspro says:

    I like Keith, and I think he makes a better case than the YT numerology gurus he mentions. However, the problem with these coincidence fishing expeditions is that sooner or later it becomes a matter of statistics. I like when Keith says in the earlier part of the interview that some evidence he'd initially seen wasn't enough to convince him, and then when he came across a further piece of evidence, that sealed the deal. But what made the first thing insufficient and the next thing sufficient? At least to me, even though a lot of these 360 periods make me curious, I just can't tell how significant they are. This is fundamentally a project in showing that something occurs more than would be expected by pure chance, which means that it's a project of statistics. Now, it's easier said than done, but to make this really compelling you somehow need to define what a significant event is, comb through all the data, and look for aberrations in the day-count separations.

  13. X73-ANDRE' says:

    73 Likes right now on this video that's cool.

    Being able to hear everyone's thoughts everywhere in the Universe is really true and it will always remain a secret.

  14. Pammy Rogers says:

    Whatever the planetary alignments are for those dates, would play an important part on possible planned events.


  16. Sounds like a Yorkshire bloke.

  17. MyMysticMama says:

    I came here to warn about the dates for the RNC. Keith mentions it – not sure with enough emphasis though. This would be a national event involving martial law. Triggered by agents, with a wild fire effect. Hopefully not, but my gut is saying otherwise. Whatever happens, lets hope it's on the smaller side. Stock up on some goods – especially if you're in a large city!! July 18-21!!!
    Avoid the Republican National Convention at all costs, and don't let anyone you love go. Just encase. xoxo

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