Artist: Ken Boothe
Music: New Environment Buy
Label: Chadan Boothe production
Director: Romain “Sherkhan” Chiffre
Raatid and Magic films ©


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  2. fight for power!!

  3. jobaine33 says:

    Open your eyes…un p'tit reggae, ça détend…
    Tiens cette chanson j'la dédicace à madame thatcher…oups …
    à christine…baisse pas lagarde…

  4. Father, thank you, young you saved my life and open my heart , now you open my eyes

  5. BIG RESPECT Ken Boothe sing and speak about new world order to open the eyes for the people PEACE, NEXT TO LOVE AND UNITY

  6. Love you Ken Booth utterly !

  7. Esto es música y no las gilipolleces de Miley Cyrus y demás

  8. Steph Ochoa says:

    This is some fire here respects to ken boothe

  9. chozenone100 says:

    Many of our musicians also flash the triangle with their hand signs. That is the sign of the illuminaties and on the US 1 dollars bill you see the eye and the pyramid. (the triangle)

  10. chozenone100 says:

    Biblical.  Powerful message to the world.  Just love the music but the message is power.  Much love Brother Ken Boothe, message sent loud and clear.  Jesus over all. Respect!!!

  11. boom! respect to you, one of the most precious voices in reggae music! Big up for dealing with real subjects of importance.

    Supersonic Sound, Germany

  12. Akua Netert says:

     They can never say you never warned them Ken, nuff of them love the beast.  Respect to the elder, lyrical fire in this ya time still. 

  13. jahrebel1 says:

    simply great song

  14. JAH RASTAFARI LIVE ITINUALLY★FADDA GROUNDATION PROPHET OF INITY BY WAY OF H.I.M★FADDA KEN BOOTHE★WE HAVE A FYAH TUNE TOGETHER CALL "DAILY NEWS" Would love to power it up an put it in motion yes.. We did it in Jersey 2002 wit Lootsie… Link up it av fi forwud! JAH LIVE★★★

  15. Mr. Ken Boothe. It's saturday morning, I am doing the dishes and listening to you. I don't know how I got here, but I am not mad.

  16. Gab144000 says:

    respect ken boothe

  17. FUCK GOOGLE says:

    REAL TALK! Don't follow the money and sexism, let Jesus touch your heart..

  18. RASTACULTURE says:

    big up and respect world wake up

  19. Charly B says:

    big up mi general ! you adi Dan

  20. Charly B says:

    real tune real tune real tune – yoW ! ! mad reality

  21. Ken Boothe is the greatest.

  22. Thanks from France where we surfer as you from the new world order (we should call him the new world of desorder ) !!

  23. Rastafar-I…teach the people legend!
    Jah Guidance and love.

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