Kendall Jenner BFF ‘Princess Pia Mia’ and Sofia Richie 2013 Electric Run LA Arrivals

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20 Responses

  1. Rae Bunny says:

    Why does Pia keep opening her mouth over and over…reminds me of what fish do.

  2. Grace Jones says:

    Pia is like 17, not 12.

  3. the fuck is she doing with her mouth

  4. jennyB07 says:

    Pia is actually Kylies BFF, not Kendalls

  5. Why doesn't she smile???…

  6. altho I don't like what they'r wearing .. I think sofia looks better xD

  7. one day they'll get big so we'll see who's the one embarrassed 😀

  8. pia is definitely a man eww so fucking ugly !!

  9. Rae says:

    it's for the electric run

  10. Chris L says:

    something you can't afford.

  11. Moona Wahab says:

    I have never seen such jokers. Like srsly .

  12. mimedotzero says:

    Pia Mia and Sophia Richie are KYLIES best friends not kendalls

  13. sofia needs to be a model already

  14. I'm digging those grey shoes

  15. Pia ?? is so big even those sunglasses don't fit?.??????

  16. Amy Cohen says:

    lmao.."what's your name again?!"

  17. Amy Cohen says:

    Sofia Richie looks like a young shannon hoon ??

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