Kendall Jenner’s New Ink, Illuminati Exposed!? | TMZ TV


Kendall Jenner got lip service in the form of a new tatt inside her mouth — it says “MEOW” but don’t be fooled … the ink is but a smoke screen. Plain as day on the …


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  1. I don't know about the illuminati but there's definitely a pedo ring.

  2. illuminati isnt fucking read its a dumb joke the artists started doing to keep a conspiracy alive and make them more famous

  3. khi gayle says:

    They make it so obvious there illuminati ???

  4. B Robinson says:

    nope they are puppets of illuminati. Like TMZ.

  5. Illuminate.. Meaning their trying to take over the world and trying to resurrect Satan as well.. War is still going on between heaven and hell, Good vs Evil.. you just don't see it yet people..

  6. RcNStudios says:

    Never thought i would say this but that video was stupid on a TMZ level.

  7. kevin coots says:

    I doubt she gives a lot of blowjobs, being a spoiled bitch and everything. Meow on her lip? So what, like her mouth is a pussy? I hate to say, I love it.

  8. Everyone catching on

  9. flipdeedoo says:

    Anyone notice the "meow" tattoo on her lips? "I eat pussy?" Idk wouldn't be surprised if she's lesbian.

  10. Red Rambo says:

    0:53 Shavon's over there looking like, "i hate my job"

  11. people dont take this serious, and if someone was going to say why would we, then the…..

  12. i really think she lesbian lol

  13. Harvey didn't say he wasn't in that society.

  14. he got quite real quick when he brought it up like " what the fuck he doing hes going to get me killed we cant talk open about our secret society like that " lol

  15. The all seeing eye symbol is hella trendy. I'd be pointing fingers at the tattoo artist, not her, duh!

  16. RathOne123 says:

    I think Shavonne or whatever her name got uncomfortable because the camera pointed directly towards her way when the guy started asking question…she she know better not to wear a dress on film day

  17. Funny when people talk about something they don't know about just because of some conspiracy theory they read

  18. i cant answer that    wow that make sense so hes part of the illuminati or what ?

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